OUTLAW PIRATE POACHERS OF PG COUNTY   Hola Hombres! No license, no fish! Hola Hombres! Sin licencia, sin peces!


The Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo


Hola Hombres! No license, no fish!
Hola Hombres! Sin licencia, sin peces!

NOTE TO READERS: This news story is being provided in both English and Spanish due to enormous numbers of Hispanic recreational fisher folks cited with violations of rules regarding fishing in Maryland waters. 

Crisfield pier is one of many public piers in the Chesapeake region. Some piers like this one are for maritime traffic and not for fishing and crabbing, unlike the Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park is dedicated solely for recreational fishing, crabbing, hiking and just sitting and enjoying the Choptank River.  THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

CAMBRIDGE, MD. – Repeat offenders in Maryland are not restricted to drunk driving, spousal abuse or burglary. Further down on the crime scale but still important to preserving Maryland’s natural resources is the ability of the state to regulate who fishes, how much they catch, what size a fish needs to be to be harvested and – to issue a license to do so. Then there are the pirate poachers, but not only as outlaw watermen – also outlaw recreational fisherfolks.

A family that fishes together eats together. This family is walking out on the Bill Burton Fishing Pier. The pier is named for the late and renowned Fishing Writer of the Baltimore Sun who advocated for the State of Maryland to retain the old Choptank River Bridge that carried traffic on Rt. 50 from Dorchester County to Talbot County, with millions of vehicles during its lifetime. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Police say that a Prince George’s County man was charged March 18, 2018, with recreational fishing on a suspended license.

A Natural Resources Police officer on surveillance on the Dorchester County side of the Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park saw Elser Roque Guerra, 35, of 8236 14the Ave. Apt. 102, Hyattsville, Md., fishing for striped bass.

When approached, Guerra told the officer that he was unable to buy a fishing license. A check of state records showed he received a one-year suspension by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, starting Sept. 15, 2017.

Guerra received citations for fishing without a bay and coastal license and fishing while suspended. He is scheduled to appear in Dorchester County District Court June. 20. If found guilty of both charges, Elser could be fined as much as $2,000.

  • Guerra was cited by Natural Resources Police Officer R. Bowman on Aug. 12, 2012, for possession of undersized Black Drum and on Sept. 10, 2012, entered a guilty plea in Dorchester County District Court.
  • Guerra was cited on Sept. 11, 2010, by NRP Officer R. Bowman with possession of female crabs and entered a guilty plea in Dorchester County District Court. The court records are incomplete and fail to reveal if he was fined in either case.

CAMBRIDGE, MD. – Los delincuentes reincidentes en Maryland no están restringidos a conducir en estado de ebriedad, abuso conyugal ni allanamiento de morada. Se debe recolectar más información sobre cómo regular quién es un piscicultor y qué hacer. Luego están los cazadores furtivos piratas, pero no solo como delincuentes ilegales: también proscriben a los pescadores recreativos.

Un hombre del condado de Prince George fue acusado el 18 de marzo de 2018 de pesca recreativa con una licencia de suspensión.

Burton Fishing Pier State Park vio a Elser Roque Guerra, de 35 años, de 8236 14the Ave. Apt. 102, Hyattsville, Md., Pesca de róbalo rayado.

Cuando se le acercó, Guerra le dijo al oficial. Verificación de cheques A one one one one one one one one A one A Mary A. Departamento de Recursos Naturales de Maryland, a partir de septiembre. 15, 2017.

Guerra recibió una licencia de pesca y pesca mientras estaba suspendido. Está programado para aparecer en el Tribunal de la Corte del Condado de Dorchester en junio. 20. Si se lo declara culpable de ambos cargos, Elser podría recibir una multa de hasta $ 2,000.

  • Guerra fue citada por el Oficial de Policía de Recursos Naturales R. Bowman en agosto. 12, 2012 por la posesión de tambor negro de tamaño inferior y el de septiembre. 10, 2012 se declaró culpable en el Tribunal de Distrito del Condado de Dorchester.
  • Guerra fue citada el Sept. 11, 2010 por el oficial de NRP R. Bowman con la posesión de cangrejos hembra y se declaró culpable en la corte del condado de Dorchester. Los registros judiciales están incompletos y no revelan si fue multado en ninguno de los casos.

The Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park consists of all of the former bridge except the draw span which was removed to allow navigation by boats. The pier is accessible from both shores where parking is available. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY. (Fishing license required.)

BILL BURTON FISHING PIER Violations cited on poaching 15 rockfish

Tony Averella drives down regularly from his home on the Western Shore to enjoy this gem of a public park. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo.

CAMBRIDGE, MD. – Natural Resources Police report that two men were charged on March 17, 2018, with illegally fishing for striped bass while at Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park.

An officer watched Silvia Suyapa Sorto, 40, of Hyattsville, and Carlos Humberto Euceda Calix, 46, of 2218 Roslyn Ave., District Heights, Md., as they fished shortly before midnight on the Talbot County side of the pier.

Police report that when they packed up to leave, the officer approached and saw one of the men place two bags under their vehicle. The bags contained 15 striped bass.

Sorto and Calix each received a citation for possession of striped bass out of season. The charge requires a court appearance. A hearing has been set for June 21 in Talbot County District Court. The maximum fine is $1,500.

Carlos H. Euceda Calix, (DOB 11/14/1971) was cited by NRP Officer A. Wilson on April 12, 2015, with harvesting striped bass during a closed season and in Talbot County District Court Calix entered into a plea deal with the Talbot County States Attorney Scott Patterson. Calix got the plea deal even after he failed to appear in court and a bench warrant was issued. Court records routinely reveal the amount of fines assessed to commercial watermen but in the case of Calix, no outcome as to fine or suspension is included in the court online record.

Court records show that Milton E. Melendez Sorto, of 6617 22nd Place, Hyattsville, Md., was cited by NRP Officer A. Wilson on Aug. 22, 2014, for possession of undersize striped bass. Melendez Sorto entered a guilty plea in Dorchester District Court on Aug. 25, 2014.  Court records fail to report the amount of any fine as part of the plea deal with the Dorchester County States Attorney. A second citation of possession of striped bass during the prohibited hours between midnight and 5 have resulted in a guilty plea.

Tony Averella prepares to pack up his crabbing equipment

BILL BURTON FISHING PIER Violaciones citadas sobre la caza furtiva de 15 peces de roca

CAMBRIDGE, MD. – La policía de recursos naturales informa sobre las facturas de pesca en el parque estatal Bill Burton Fishing Pier.

Un oficial vio Suyapa Silvia Sorto, de 40 años Hyattsville, y Carlos Humberto Euceda Calix, 46 años, de 2218 Roslyn Ave., District Heights, Md., Como pescaron poco antes de la medianoche en el lado del Condado de Talbot del muelle.

La policía informa que, cuando están empacados, los dos vehículos están debajo de su vehículo. Las bolsas contenían 15 bajo rayado.

Sorto y Calix recibieron un enorme bajo fuera de temporada. El cargo requiere una comparecencia judicial. Se ha programado una audiencia para el 21 de junio en el Tribunal de Distrito del Condado de Talbot. La multa máxima es de $ 1,500.

Carlos H. Euceda Calix (DOB 14/11/1971) fue citado por el oficial PNR A. Wilson el 12 de abril 2015, con el bajo recolección de rayas durante una temporada cerrado y en Talbot County District Court Calix se introdujeron en un acuerdo de culpabilidad con el condado de Talbot Abogado de los Estados Scott Patterson. Calix obtuvo el acuerdo de culpabilidad incluso después de que no compareció ante el tribunal y se emitió una orden de arresto. Los registros de la corte revelan rutinariamente la cantidad de finanzas en el registro judicial en línea.

Documentos de la corte muestran que Milton E. Meléndez Sorto, de 22 de 6617 Lugar, Hyattsville, Md., fue citado por el oficial PNR A. Wilson en agosto 22, 2014 forsengers de bajo rayado undersize. Melendez Sorto se declaró culpable en el Tribunal de Distrito de Dorchester en agosto. 25, 2014. Los registros judiciales no informan el monto de ninguna multa como parte del acuerdo con el fiscal del condado de Dorchester. Una segunda cita de huelgas en una declaración de culpabilidad.

BUILD A WALL AROUND THAT BRIDGE Washington Suburbs Rockfish Poachers HOLA HOMBRES! they violated just about every dang poaching rule that exists

The pier pilings that support the nearby replacement bridge provides great attractions for fish that feed off the marine growth for those with small boats. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
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