MURDER USA: Park Police Officer Jose Bumbray’s Murder-Suicide Was Second in Week for Md. Law Officer

US Park Police Officer honored for heroism at Navy Yard shooting killed his wife and then himself at their home in Hunters Brooke near Indian Head on April 5, 2018. Photo courtesy of ABC 7

MURDER USA Park Police Officer’s Murder-Suicide Was Second in Week for Md. Law Officer

INDIAN HEAD, MD. – Charles County became the second scene of a murder-suicide involving a police officer in one week when a U.S. Park Police Officer shot and killed his wife and then himself. A retired Maryland State Trooper, Gary Preston, shot his wife in Crisfield on March 31, 2018, and then killed himself. His estranged wife, Susan Preston, survived the gunshot and was rushed to a trauma unit in critical condition.

Police say that on April 5, 2018, at 8:07 p.m., officers responded to the residence at 5014 Fallen Timber Way in the Hunters Brooke subdivision near Indian Head, Md., for the report of a shooting.

The couple’s adult son, who was in his bedroom,
heard the argument followed by the shots.

A preliminary investigation revealed a husband and wife were involved in an argument inside their house when the male shot his wife and then himself. The couple’s adult son, who was in his bedroom, heard the argument followed by the shots. He then discovered his parents with gunshot wounds and immediately called 911.

The woman, Brenda Jenette Harrison-Bumbray, 50, was pronounced deceased on the scene. The male, Jose Ramon Bumbray, 46, was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Jose Bumbray was a police officer with the United States Park Police and it appears he used his agency-issued firearm. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Detective J. Elliott at (301) 609-6515.

Detective Bumbray, who was hired by the Park Police in 2002, enjoyed a good reputation with his agency and was honored for heroism during the Navy Yard shooting. The Bumbray’s bought their home in 2005 for $420,000.

Hunters Brooke is the subdivision in which a security guard committed one of the largest acts of arson in the history of Maryland when he set afire 26 homes. He and his accomplice were later convicted.

Police say this newest murder-suicide in Charles County is the second for 2018 with yet another one that was attempted.

Hunters Brook arson fire destroyed 26 homes. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo by Terrence Greenhow


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