HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL Bad Batch Alert Warns of Lethal Doses in the Hood

HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL Bad Batch Alert Warns of Lethal Doses in the Hood

Bad Batch press conference at Baltimore City Hall


Bad Batch Alert is an anonymous free text messaging service aimed at helping those struggling with heroin addiction to stay alive in Baltimore City.

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An active user, or a loved one, register with the service to receive text alerts when a lethal batch of tainted heroin may be in their neighborhood. With this knowledge, dosages can be modified and loved ones can be warned. The service is driven by data from EMS, that is analyzed for OD spikes by an epidemiologist from Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore. When a spike is detected, a text alert is sent to all the users registered in that area. The service also has a built-in suite of commands aimed at providing support and recovery tools. Examples of these are quick access the 24-hour crisis line, real-time notification of the needle exchange van’s current location, and access to the Naloxone training schedule. We hope that these alerts and tools will help people stay alive and even potentially recover from their addiction.


In addition to keeping people safe with alerts, the Bad Batch Alert service also has a suite of integrated commands aimed at connecting people to helpful services and recovery resources. These commands are all suggested either by local users or those in the Baltimore Harm Reduction Community.

a search yielded 1,092 bags (7.64 grams) of heroin and over $500.00 in suspected drug proceeds in Yukon of Karmikus Smith Del State Police Oct. 31, 2017.

Some example commands are:

‘van’ This command will tell you where the Baltimore Needle Exchange vans are at any given time and give a link to their schedules.

‘treatment’ This command gives you the 24-hour crisis line.

‘naloxone’ This command gives you the schedule for Naloxone training.

To see the full list of commands available text the word `Help`.

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