ELECTION 2018: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Endorses Jack Bailey for GOP nod for St. Mary’s Senate Seat

Bill signing at Maryland State House on April 10, 2018, by Senate President Mike Miller, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, and Speaker of the House Mike Busch.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Endorses Jack Bailey for GOP nod for St. Mary’s Senate Seat

Jack Bailey wins endorsement from Gov. Larry Hogan for State Senate seat representing St. Mary’s and part of Calvert County
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan; Send a fighter like Jack Bailey to the Senate. 

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By Ken Rossignol


UPDATE: Governor Larry Hogan to Headline Bailey Reception at Bushwood Wharf on April 27th 

As a show of force in putting real political muscle behind his endorsement of Jack Bailey in the Republican primary contest for the State Senate seat for St. Mary’s County, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan will be the guest for a fundraiser reception at Ocean Hall, the home of Dr. & Mrs. Jamie Boyd at Bushwood Wharf. The reception is being held at the meticulously restored manor home located at the historic and scenic colonial-era port will feature the great food of Bailey’s Catering. For Tickets CLICK HERE

Gov. Larry Hogan with St. Mary’s State Senate Candidate Jack Bailey.

ANNAPOLIS – An announcement that Governor Larry Hogan announced his endorsement of State Senate Candidate Jack Bailey for the Republican Party nomination in Senate District 29, was posted on Jack Bailey’s Facebook page.

“Southern Maryland needs a fighter like Jack Bailey in the Maryland Senate,” Governor Hogan said. “Unfortunately, the incumbent has consistently sided against our administration and against the people of Southern Maryland on important issues. Unlike his opponent, Jack Bailey won’t forget where he comes from, and his strong record of public service shows that he will be a champion for St. Mary’s and Calvert counties. I need him in Annapolis to help me continue changing Maryland for the better.”

“I’m honored to gain Governor Hogan’s endorsement and support,” Bailey said. “Governor Hogan ended the war on rural Maryland, and District 29 needs a Senator who supports him. The governor has done great things for St. Mary’s and Calvert counties, and if I join him in Annapolis, I’ll be a strong ally and partner in that work.”

Bailey spent his career in law enforcement as a Department of Natural Resources Police Officer and his brother David, also an NRP Officer is a former St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Deputy and K-9 Handler. Jack Bailey’s father John Bailey is an attorney in Leonardtown, a former St. Mary’s County States Attorney and public defender.

Politics runs long and deep in the Bailey family as the late Senator Paul Bailey, legendary to the history of St. Mary’s, was elected as a Republican to the Maryland Senate four times and introduced the bill which passed in 1974 that allowed citizens of St. Mary’s to consider at referendum whether or not to allow a Refinery at Piney Point on the Potomac River.  At that time, St. Mary’s County had issued a building permit for Steuart Oil Company to build a refinery at their oil storage depot and the Refinery Referendum put a stop to that effort and banned up to 1400 other petrochemical industries from being sited on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sen. Paul J. Bailey at Trent Hall on the Patuxent in 1990. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Hogan says he needs Jack Bailey in the Senate as Steve Waugh works with Sen. Mike Miller, a fellow Calvert resident. Many in St. Mary’s realized that with Calvert having two Senators and none for St. Mary’s is uneven.

Bailey’s announcement points out the following as reasons that Hogan has thrown his weight behind the effort to bounce Waugh:

Senator Waugh Has Let Down Southern Maryland And The Hogan Administration And Sided With Senate President Mike Miller

  • While Senator Waugh sides with Senate President Miller against Governor Hogan, Jack Bailey represents Southern Maryland values and is a proven partner of Governor Hogan
  • Senator Waugh voted to make Maryland colleges less safe when he became the only Republican to vote with Senate President Mike Miller and Senate Democrats in voting to override Governor Hogan’s veto of legislation that prevents colleges from asking about the criminal record of applicants.
  • This year, Governor Hogan proposed $28 million in funding for a new Southern Maryland Higher Education Center. When Senate President Miller cut the funding from the budget, Senator Waugh failed to stand up to Miller.
This notice was sent to Republicans informing them that Gov. Larry Hogan will be a guest at the Jack Bailey for State Senate reception at Ocean Hall



Waugh ran against Sen. Roy Dyson, who had held the Senate seat since 1994 in 2010 and came close. A return run to oust Dyson, who had never lost an election in his home county since first entering politics in 1974, was successful in 2014. Waugh benefited from County Commissioner Larry Jarboe running for the Republican nomination in 2014 against fellow St. Mary’s Commissioner Cindy Jones thereby splitting the St. Mary’s County vote and letting Lusby resident Waugh surge ahead in the primary. Hogan’s strong run in 2014 General Election carried Waugh over the top on his coattails as Dyson and veteran Democrat Del. John Bohanan, of Lexington Park, both were defeated.

Bailey is tapping into serious sentiment among St. Mary’s residents that having a senator who comes from about 15 percent of the population of the district fails to represent St. Mary’s County. Waugh is virtually unknown to a large percentage of St. Mary’s as he has clung to a small group of liberal GOP party bosses and never tapped into the overwhelming support for President Donald Trump that swept the Southern Maryland area.



Jack Bailey wins endorsement from Gov. Larry Hogan for State Senate seat representing St. Mary’s and part of Calvert County.
Steve Waugh may be looking for ways to win votes from Democrats willing to switch to the GOP as his only hope to counter the decision of Gov. Larry Hogan to support his opponent and St. Mary’s resident Jack Bailey. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Before winning the State Senate seat in 2014, Waugh had gained notoriety for his efforts to have the State of Maryland take efforts to shore up the eroding Chesapeake Bay cliffs in the backyard of his home in Lusby, which had been eroding for centuries, prior to Waugh buying the property.

Jack Bailey was honored for his work as a law officer enforcing Maryland’s laws protecting the natural resources, even to the extent of wrestling down a miscreant waterman who had refused to appear in court to pay his fines. Bailey’s tussle in the Prince Frederick courthouse when he spotted the Chesapeake Beach crabber began when the man refused to go to the clerk’s office and pay the fine for having unmarked crab pots in the Bay. After a dustup, when Bailey attempted to take the man into custody, the results were a torn uniform and a broken badge, however, Bailey’s effort prevailed and the fine was paid.



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