ELECTION 2018: Meet the Candidates – Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans 

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Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans in his office with a photo of his Dad and two sons — Maryland State Troopers all. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

ELECTION 2018: Meet the Candidates – Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans

There are three candidates in the Republican Primary race for Calvert County Sheriff: Incumbent Mike Evans, Craig Kontra, and Kinsey Weems.  Each candidate is invited to join the Meet the Candidate series.  

6 Replies to “ELECTION 2018: Meet the Candidates – Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans 

  1. Let me just say this, you say you have a proven track record?? Well I recall an incident at the Walmart in Prince Frederick a few years back and there was a young lady in the bathroom shooting heroin, I knew this because I knew her and her boyfriend and I was in Walmart and he asked me to go in and get her or to see if she was still alive, about that time I saw you SHERIFF EVANS, told you what was happening you ignored me, continued your shopping, left the store, saw th young lady in the parking lot and asked her was she ok, you let you walk away and 2 weeks later she was DEAD — maybe had you done what I asked you to do, she may still be alive but you chose to ignore it – you sir are a JOKE!!

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