The Beach Junket Boozing Assistant Sheriff Mike Merican and the Bar Fight He had to Win

St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron at a legislative hearing with his Assistant Sheriff Mike Merican at center. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

The Beach Junket Boozing Assistant Sheriff Mike Merican and the Bar Fight He had to Win

Maj. Mike Merican at Correctional beach blast 2014 show earlier in the day before he claimed he was smacked by an employee while bar-hopping in  Ocean City. The bar video shows clearly that far from being slapped, the corporal punished him with a hug and embrace just after another employee tweaked his ample nose. Some readers want to know why he wasn’t demoted or fired for his conduct in the bar.

Commentary by Ken Rossignol



Michael R. Merican commander jail cell phone – 301 481 5515
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Just as many Maryland public and elected officials all have a wild time at the beach, so do the jailors of the state’s 23 counties and Baltimore City. At the 2016 Maryland States Attorney Convention, Cecil County States Attorney Edward Rollins was found guilty of indecent exposure and performing lewd acts on the balcony of his hotel in broad daylight and observed by two women from a hotel room across from his hotel in Ocean City.

In the annual dash to the beach for the people who run the jails, St. Mary’s County Assistant Sheriff Maj. Mike Merican was slapped in the face by one of his subordinates as the group went out bar-hopping following a day of patting each other on the back for a job well done. The cost of the junket by the top dogs of the St. Mary’s County Jail at Ocean City was all paid for by the taxpayers of St. Mary’s County.  Most folks who have been in bars when attendees get rowdy and see some guy get slugged up aside his lunkhead have a pretty good idea of what said lunkhead might have said to encourage a female to give him such a reaction.




But Merican sobered up the next morning and realized he had to save “face” and couldn’t let his employee get away with giving him a good whack with all of his important jail whoopdeedoos from around Maryland going home and clucking about it to other jail bigwigs. As a result of that dawning in the hours past dawn, Merican filed a complaint against Kelly Lowther that ended with her termination from her job.

Lowther sued in court, the case went to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals where a majority of the court took the view that her dismissal was correct, after all, the system needs to stick together.

As a result of all this, Lowther was out of a job and St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron promoted the moron Merican to the post of his Assistant Sheriff when the position became open and the person designated for the job resigned while under investigation for truthfulness in a narcotics case that was pending a criminal trial.

Now the reader knows why Kelly Lowther signed a letter of no confidence in Sheriff Cameron and reading the case file in the court decision will provide the reader and the voter with more information about the Good Old Boys Club that Sheriff Cameron now leads.

Read the following court decision and remember, dear taxpayers, you are paying for every bit of the junket to the beach and every page of every document and every hour of every one of Sheriff Tim Cameron’s Good Old Boy club antics of when the Keystone Cops went to the beach – and every step of the legal process. And for this and all else, Sheriff Tim Cameron wants an unprecedented fourth term in office.


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