Southern Md Police Beat: Famous drug dealer’s son Brian Bush Jr. ran into the bushes and then ran back into handcuffs

Brian Bush Sr. with St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives Jerry Johnson and John Shoemaker in 1993. See more from ST. MARY’S TODAY Newspaper in THE STORY OF THE RAG in Kindle, paperback, and Audible editions.

Southern Md Police Beat: Famous drug dealer’s son Brian Bush Jr. ran into the bushes and then ran back into handcuffs

Has Brian Bush Jr. found his daddy’s drug money yet while his pappy rots in prison?


Brian Deandre Bush Jr of the famous Oakville drug dealing crime family arrested by Deputy Sheriff Jason Smith.
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CHAPTICO, MD. – You just can’t keep a good crime family down. When one of the Bush family pops out of the rabbit hole and is sent to jail, another one takes his place. St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that Brian Deandre Bush Jr. is back in the St. Mary’s Jail, otherwise known as Hotel St. Mary’s.

On May 20, 2018, DFC Jason Smith made a traffic stop on Colton’s Point Road at Bachelor’s Rest Lane for speeding and made contact with Brian Deandre Bush Jr., 25, of 39791 Hearts Desire Lane, Mechanicsville, Md.

Police say that Bush began to make furtive movements and told Smith he was on probation and did not want to go back to jail.

Bush refused to produce his hand from his thigh area and Smith told him he was being detained and Bush began to struggle with the deputy.

Bush ran into the woods but reappeared minutes later, apologized but then grappled with Smith again. Bush was arrested and charged with Second-Degree Assault.

Bush was driving a 2016 Nissan Altima,
a favorite set of wheels among drug dealing families.

Bush’s mouthpiece in a burglary rap was attorney Rais Jaleel Akbar, who arranged a plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz to a charge of fourth-degree burglary on Feb. 27, 2018, which let him off light with just three years of supervised probation. Now, with this new arrest, that could change.

Brian Bush Jr. entered a guilty plea to a burglary on July 5, 2016, and picked up a sentence of six months in jail with 12 days suspended.

This Bush was but a baby Bush when his father, Brian Bush Sr. was making an estimated two million dollars a year, according to St. Mary’s narcotics detectives in 1992.  Brian Bush was known to drop his baby bush off at the daycare next to St. Mary’s hospital and then proceed out for tending to his network of street dealers in the Southern Maryland region.

TALK ABOUT NERVE: Brian Bush Sr., while his lame carcass is parked in federal prison for years after feds broke up his massive cocaine ring attempted to have a 1994 cocaine conviction expunged from his record in St. Mary’s Circuit Court.

The senior Bush, drug dealer extraordinaire that he is, applied to have his drug dealing conviction from 1994 in St. Mary’s Circuit Court expunged from his record on Feb. 23, 2016.  Given the liberal yahoos of the Maryland General Assembly who make laws, it is incredible that Brian Bush Sr.’s drug distribution conviction is still on the record.

The fact that his drug dealing conviction was not expunged might have something to do with the fact that he is a federal prisoner, having been convicted of distribution of cocaine. He is currently residing at the Allenwood Low Facility and his release date is May 16, 2024. As he is now 47 years of age, his career choice made him so much money that he likely has a nice pile of cash waiting for him, unless the burglaries his son was committing was in search of his daddy’s drug stash.


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Brian Bush under arrest for one of many distribution charges that finally resulted in his conviction in Federal court. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Greenbelt, Maryland – U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams Jr. sentenced Brian Deandre Bush, 43, of Hollywood, Maryland, in August of 2013, to 140 months in prison followed by five years of supervised release for conspiracy to distribute, and possess with intent to distribute, cocaine and crack cocaine in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Bush was also sentenced to 37 months in prison, for violating his supervised release from a 2007 drug conviction, which Judge Williams ordered to be served consecutively to the sentence imposed in 2013.

The sentence was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein; Special Agent in Charge Karl C. Colder, of the Drug Enforcement Administration -Washington Field Division; and St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron.

According to Bush’s guilty plea, from November 2010 through July 15, 2011, Bush conspired with his son, Demetrius Deandre Young, Kerry Alexander Bond, Sr., John Larry Dickerson, Marcus Tyrek Chase, William Lamont Young, Alexander Sternack, Wayne Marcelle Mills and others to distribute cocaine in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Bush and Demetrius Young received cocaine from their sources of supply in Maryland, Georgia, Florida and elsewhere, including cocaine supplied by John Edward Butler, David Butler, and Bond.

The cocaine was smuggled back to St. Mary’s County where Bush and Demetrius Young supplied Chase, Dickerson and others with powder and crack cocaine for distribution.

Law enforcement overheard thousands of cell phone conversations between the defendants, including Bush, relating to their drug activities and the rising prices of cocaine in St. Mary’s County.

Bush and Demetrius Young would call and coordinate the delivery of cocaine and payment for the cocaine with John Butler, David Butler, Bond and others.

Bush and Demetrius Young would then call Dickerson, Chase, Mills, William Young, Sternack and others to tell them when the cocaine and crack cocaine was ready to be picked up.

These individuals met Bush, Young and/or one of their subordinates at locations in St. Mary’s County to obtain cocaine and crack cocaine.

Bush was responsible for the distribution of between five and 15 kilograms of cocaine, and between 280 grams and 840 grams of crack cocaine.

All 10 defendants have pleaded guilty in this case. Kerry Alexander Bond Sr., 41, of Leonardtown, Maryland, and Wayne Marcelle Mills, 45, of Lexington Park, Maryland, was released from Federal Prison on Dec. 7, 2017.

Marcus Tyrek Chase, age 27, of Lexington Park, Maryland, and John Larry Dickerson, age 43, of Waldorf, Maryland, were sentenced to 15 years in prison and 140 months in prison, respectively.

Demetrius Deandre Young, age 23, of Hollywood, was sentenced to 75 months in prison; William Lamont Young, age 41, and David Anthony Butler, 69, both of Leonardtown, were sentenced to two years in prison and 15 months in prison, respectively; and John Edward Butler, age 37, and Alexander Sternack III, 38, both of Mechanicville, Maryland, were sentenced to 63 months in prison and 70 months in prison, respectively. Sternack was released from Federal Prison on Dec. 24, 2015.

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