FBI probed allegations of Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans snaring and sharing prescription drugs from Asbury senior center in Solomon’s

FBI probed allegations of Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans snaring and sharing prescription drugs from Asbury senior center in Solomon’s

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By Ken Rossignol


UPDATE – June 16, 2018: Sheriff Mike Evans has never confirmed or denied the allegations in this article. The request to Mike Evans to respond to the questions posed to him below on May 17, 2018, has never been answered except for #3 provided by Capt. Dave Payne and a phone message from Evans stating: “This is a little silly.”

SOLOMON’S ISLAND, MD. – At Asbury in Solomon’s few people get out alive. Most residents live enjoyable years, and then they die. What happens to their prescription drugs left behind after their passing and other unneeded prescriptions when a resident has new drugs ordered to replace them became the subject of an FBI investigation into the involvement of Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans in the removal and alleged improper disposition of the drugs.

Sheriff Evans, according to sources familiar with the investigation, periodically responded to phone calls from a staff person at the Asbury Home for the elderly and retrieved prescription drugs left by deceased residents or discontinued prescriptions.

Sheriff Evans, according to sources familiar with the investigation, periodically responded to phone calls from a staff person at the Asbury Home for the elderly and retrieved prescription drugs left by deceased residents or discontinued prescriptions.

After the FBI began an investigation in early 2015, the Special Agents on the case tracked the drugs picked up by the Sheriff and verified that the prescription drugs eventually arrived in the property held storage of the Calvert Sheriff’s Department. 

Video and still images of the Sheriff and a local restaurant owner were taken of Evans and the woman going to her house, stopping at locations along the roadway and sorting through the drugs, and of Evans taking the drugs to his home. Evans sometimes did not turn in the remainder of the drugs to the police property held storage until two days later.

The long-standing two-tier system of injustice in Maryland depending on whether the wealthy and politically connected are treated the same by law enforcement as the working stiff is firmly in place as prosecutors have yet to take any action.

The allegations and results of the FBI investigation that began in early 2015 have been made known to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, the State Prosecutor’s Office and the United States Attorney’s Office for Maryland. None of those agencies have yet filed charges against Evans or Solomon’s businesswoman, identified as Jeannie Stone, owner of several Calvert County taverns and restaurants. Investigators have been told that in spite of the evidence that no prosecution would occur.

On May 15, 2018, Chief Investigator Timothy Frye, speaking for Maryland State Prosecutor Emmett Davitt, told THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY that the office would have no comment on the allegations concerning Sheriff Evans.

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Asbury Solomon’s personnel who allegedly provided the unused and unneeded prescription drugs to Sheriff Evans were instructed to never do so again after the administration of the retirement home became aware of the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe. When Evans was refused any more bags of drugs, he allegedly left several unpleasant phone messages for the staff of the facility.

On May 15, 2018, the person who identified herself as Belen and the administrator of the Asbury Solomon’s retirement home was asked what steps the health care facility takes to assure that unneeded and unwanted prescription drugs do not enter the pipeline of the opioid epidemic that has caused 44 overdoses in Calvert County thus far in 2018 with 6 of those being fatal.

Belen said that all medications are provided through CVS Pharmacies as part of a contract and that all unneeded and unwanted drugs are picked up by them. When asked if she knew anything about Sheriff Evans picking up leftover drugs, she said firmly that only CVS gets the drugs.  Asbury’s representative Ms. Belen promised to provide more information about the drugs that are turned back to CVS but has not done so before press deadline.

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans with a Memorial dedicated painted Calvert patrol vehicle. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

The explanation offered by the Asbury representative that all prescriptions come and go through CVS is contrary to the features of the Asbury website in which residents are promised independence which should include their personal medical care and medications – making the response by Belen difficult to rectify with facility’s website.

The Asbury Solomon’s Retirement Village is currently advertising on their website and other venues for the opening of a licensed nursing home administrator.

A review by a former registered nurse at the facility placed on indeed.com stated the following: “There was not a doctor on site. Nursing had to write orders through verbal orders and doctors came once a week to assess patients and sign off the orders”

Other reviews criticized the management in many ways while praising the residents. Several reviews gave glowing reports of life as an employee.

At the cost of nearly $12,000 a month to live at Asbury, a doctor should be in residence according to one physician when asked to comment. The entrance fee is $111,000 with monthly plans starting at about $1,200 per month. The facility offers rehab care as well, and the Asbury website describes the staff.

ARRESTS: Possession and distribution of prescription pills

Sheriff Mike Evans issues press releases at least weekly and often even daily with incidents and arrests including those charged with possession of prescription drugs not prescribed for that person as well as for distribution of prescription drugs to others for whom the drugs and opioids were not legally intended.


State Police Cadet Edward Michael Evans was on crutches while he was in the Maryland State Police Academy according to a classmate. Evans had been injured playing softball, and with his father holding the rank of Lt. Colonel and a Bureau Chief, his injury did not force him out of the academy in spite of the rigorous physical training aspects of the program to train troopers.  Evans was recalled by a classmate propped against a gym wall leaning on his crutches and offered razing and encouragement to his fellow classmates in the Academy doing pushups and other physical training.  The sidelines comments grated on the nerves of many of the troopers. When it came time for the boxing portion of the training, Evans had healed from his injuries and was allowed to take part, at which time his once irritated classmates administered their own lessons.

With more injuries, some on the job as a Maryland State Trooper, Evans was given a full medical retirement after seventeen years as a trooper; but was suddenly hired in 1997 as a Calvert County Deputy Sheriff by Sheriff Vonzell Ward. Evans working as a deputy after receiving a medical retirement was questioned by many officers as not only unusual but illegal and an abuse of retirement regulations.

According to Sheriff Evan’s campaign website, he enjoys many physical activities and in 2014 is shown in a music video as part of a  Fox 5 report that is a parody of a police traffic stop in which the Sheriff is shown in a vigorous workout on a machine in a gym.  Evan’s many sports and job-related injuries may have led to an addiction which could account for his interest in personally picking up drugs from Asbury.

The Maryland State Police was requested to reveal if the State Police have ever investigated cases of a trooper retiring on medical disability and then taking a job with another police agency.  Maryland State Police spokesman Ron Snyder said that specific cases involving allegations of any such event would likely have been referred to either the Office of the State Prosecutor, the state retirement board or the Attorney General. Snyder further said that the agency officials didn’t know of any specific cases. The role of a retiree in a new job, with a full medical retirement from the State Police, could be a factor in allowing such a retired trooper to continue in law enforcement.

Evans worked as a courthouse deputy sheriff at the Calvert Circuit Courthouse which, for the most part, is a sedentary position. Unlike other security staff, Evans was a full deputy.

There is no requirement that an elected sheriff have any law enforcement background or status.

Evans, a candidate, asserts on his campaign website as he pursues an unprecedented fifth term, the following: Tested and Proven – There is No Need for Change


Locust Inn after the fire on Sunday, April 24, 2017, THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Jeannie Stone has been a suspect in the conspiracy to commit arson in the torching of the old rooming house next to a commercial building owned by her corporation PAR Limited Partnership located on the main street of Solomon’s Island, prime commercial property. Stone wanted to demolish Locust Inn, operated for decades by Pearl English as a rooming house with its heyday during WWII as it housed workers at the nearby base which prepared for the invasion of North Africa and Europe. The Locust Inn remained a low-cost residence for fishermen and workers at the nuclear power plant and the gas plant until it ceased operations following the death of the owner.

Tips came into the Calvert Sheriff’s Department, and Sheriff Evans allegedly intimidated witnesses who claimed that information they possessed could tie Stone to the conspiracy to burn the old building. The incentive for the arson was monetary in that Calvert County government had denied a request to tear down the structure with the somewhat ludicrous ruling that the building was somehow historic.  However, given that much of what government does is consistently ludicrous the historic designation didn’t justify arson as arson fires – not unknown to Solomon’s Island and the cause of the demise of the old Fisherman’s Inn building next to Locust Inn, the site now owned by Stone – burned and was attributed to arson in the 1980’s.

In fighting the fire at Locust Inn, three volunteer firefighters were injured, putting deadly concerns into play in the arson of the structure. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY has asked Maryland Deputy Fire Marshal John Nelson for an update on the investigation and as of press time he has not responded. The Alcohol, Tax, and Firearms are investigating the fire. Sources report that the Fire Marshal’s Office failed to act quickly in obtaining search warrants for phones of suspects and therefore has hampered the progress of the investigation. Some elements of the probe were successful in identifying persons of interest.

National Drug Take-Back Day is an intense effort by police agencies across America to encourage citizens to take unwanted, expired and unneeded prescription drugs to police departments which place old mailboxes on their front steps and deposit the drugs inside.

The mailboxes are not secure, and drugs can be fished out with a coat hanger, according to one law enforcement official.

A request to Calvert Sheriff’s Captain David Payne to describe what the policy of the Calvert Sheriff’s Department is concerning documentation and handling of prescription drugs resulted in this answer:

“Below is our policy on the medication collection that occurs from the bins at the office.  The drug take-back initiative is a national event sponsored by the DEA.  Our procedures are to have a deputy at each of 3 collection locations.  They are to monitor the drop box and bring it to the office to turn into the property room upon the completion of the event.  Once at the property room is it turned into the evidence manager to be sealed up, made ready for transportation, and ultimately destroyed.  The drugs are weighed in pounds, as a means to report to the DEA.  The poundage is tracked from year to year for statistical purposes.  We then coordinate with MSP to transport the drugs to Baltimore DEA for destruction.”


The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office participates in a Citizen Medication Collection program initiated by the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse (CAASA) to provide citizens with a safe and anonymous way of disposing of expired or unwanted drugs and medications. A drop box has been placed just outside the front entrance at the Sheriff’s Office. The box is securely affixed and is monitored by surveillance cameras. The drop box is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to providing citizens with a safe and secure way to dispose of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, it provides an environmentally friendly alternative to other methods of disposal. This program will aid in preventing accidental poisonings, reduce crime related to prescription drug abuse, burglary, and drug misuse by children. Environmentally, it will help prevent tainted water supplies and will keep these drugs out of landfills.

There will be no forms to fill out, and no questions will be asked. This program will be overseen by the Criminal Investigations Bureau Commander who will have sole access to the drop box. He will coordinate with the Property/Evidence Manager to regularly collect and document the contents. A record will be sent to CASA for informational purposes, and a Property Administrative & Operational Manual be maintained by the Property/Evidence Manager. All collected items will be destroyed in the same manner as other found/recovered drugs.

Stoney’s owner Jeannie Stone at the scene of the Lighthouse Inn fire in 2006 is now the owner of the Locust Inn.

Sheriff Evans was requested to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you now or have you been addicted to any type of painkiller? If so, have you sought treatment?
  2. Have you ever personally retrieved unwanted drugs from Asbury retirement center and its related facilities located in Calvert County?
  3. What is the Calvert Sheriff’s Department policy for accepting prescription drugs?
  4. Did you provide prescription drugs in your possession to Jeannie Stone or any other person in violation of the law?
  5. Did you at any time intimidate or otherwise request anyone with information about the arson fire at Locust Inn to not cooperate with Maryland or Federal officials in the investigation? Have you entered into a criminal conspiracy with anyone to commit the arson of Locust Inn or to cover up the crime?
  6. Does the Calvert Sheriff’s Department currently have an investigation underway into the matter of the Locust Inn arson that took place in 2017?
  7. Did you ever leave any telephonic messages with the staff of Asbury indicating your displeasure at their discontinuation of turning prescription drugs over to you?
  8. Have you been informed of an FBI investigation into your alleged involvement in the improper and illegal handling of prescription drugs?

The request to Sheriff Evans to answer the above questions resulted in Capt. David Payne responding by email to question # 3 as shown above. Instead of answering the questions, Sheriff Evans left two phone messages, one of which characterized the questions as being “a little silly.”

Jeannie Stone was contacted for comment at Kingfishers in Solomon’s Island where a message was left; at Stoney’s, at Broomes Island, the phone was not answered and at Stoney’s at Clarke’s Landing a manager said she would email a request for Stone to return a call to her.  Stone returned a call with her number, and when the number was called, a male voice said it was a wrong number.

ELECTION 2018: Meet The Candidates – Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans

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15 Replies to “FBI probed allegations of Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans snaring and sharing prescription drugs from Asbury senior center in Solomon’s

  1. So Calvert County ends up with a crooked Sheriff and no one cares! That’s pretty much the take away from this. The Maryland State Prosecutor’s office isn’t prosecuting him even though they know he’s guilty!

  2. The MD States Attorneys office isn’t prosecuting after the FBI went through and spent the public’s money to prove Calvert County has a crooked Sheriff?

  3. They both should be behind bars now! If it were me or any other citizen we would be, so if you wear a badge or are a friend of a criminal badge wearer you can stay free. These are Federal Offences come on Feds do your job.

  4. They need to do something before the election , so he’s not elected again. A criminal should not be in charge of the police that I respect.

    1. Mike Evans should not be able to run as Sheriff until after the investigation has been completed. Why is he not in jail? Is this just another privilege? Had it been ANYBODY else they would be in jail. They should make an example out of him. Are the FBI and the prosecutor in cahoots not to prosecute him and Jeanie Stone? This is shameful, but I guess if you wear a badge, you get a pass.

  5. Great article except for the fact that there are no facts. This sounds and looks like a hit piece with a lot of unsubstantiated information. The only “news” part of this commentary is the third paragraph when it states the FBI was able to track all the prescription drugs had and are being stored properly at the Sheriffs office. Hmmm sounds like if they were able to conclude that the investigation has no merit and would be closed. I for one have been very impressed with our Sheriff and his deputies since we moved here 6 years ago and will be voting for him in this election.

    1. “After the FBI began an investigation in early 2015, the Special Agents on the case tracked the drugs picked up by the Sheriff and verified that the prescription drugs eventually arrived in the property held storage of the Calvert Sheriff’s Department.”

      Read between the lines, Blake. The drugs eventually arrived in property held. Eventually. Most likely after they were picked through, and it was determined that there were no opiates or other goodies worth keeping in that particular batch.

      And then-
      “Video and still images of the Sheriff and a local restaurant owner were taken of Evans and the woman going to her house, stopping at locations along the roadway and sorting through the drugs, and of Evans taking the drugs to his home. Evans sometimes did not turn in the remainder of the drugs to the police property held storage until two days later.”

      The investigation had merit, but when the FBI presented their evidence, both the state prosecutor and the Attorney General declined to prosecute. So either the corruption goes higher up than we’d like to admit, or they’d rather turn a blind eye than get involved in that mess, and hold onto hope that the problem works itself out with the upcoming election.

      Craig Kontra for Sheriff.

    2. Kontra, please a leader needs to have a back bone. Needs to be someone that makes judgement on the facts not looking at the BS opinions from between the lines. I recently watch the Republican Sheriff debate and everything Kontra mentioned has nothing to do with the job of Sheriff. A Sheriffs job is to enforce the laws, not create social programs to to make halfway houses cheaper. We as a country have a serious epidemic where most families have someone that has come under this serious disease but it isn’t the sheriffs job to deal with the rehabilitation side.

  6. Just another really good reason to vote for
    CRAIG KONTRA for sheriff.
    These drugs are killing our kids!
    Lets get Calvert back on track!!

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