Trooper stopped Dogo attacking Jenna Rae Sutphin; victim died at trauma unit in DC – dog attacked trooper too and was dispatched

Trooper stopped Dogo attacking Jenna Rae Sutphin; the victim was flown to a trauma unit in DC and died from the mauling – dog attacked trooper too, and was dispatched.

UPDATE – As of March 26, 2023, Jason Hammer no longer advertises dogo argentino dogs for sale on his Facebook page. in 2019, hammer began posting photos of a new woman in his life, showing he has moved on. there are no court records of any criminal charges brought against Hammer for the death of Jenna rae sutphin or civil litigation brought by her family for the deadly attack.

The breed of dog is known for having an unsteady temperament

HUNTINGTOWN, MD. – Maryland State Police report that a dog that is similar in appearance and aggressiveness to a Pit Bull mauled a woman in Calvert County on June 21, 2018. The breed of dog, a specially bred fighting dog known as a “DOGO”, is known for having an unsteady temperament. The young child of a police officer was killed in Lusby in a pit bull attack recently.

Maryland State Police say that the dog who mauled the woman was fatally wounded by responding troopers after it charged a trooper this morning in Calvert County.


The victim is identified as Jenna Rae Sutphin, 28, of the unit block of Cherry Hill Road in Huntingtown, Maryland. She was transported from the scene to Calvert Memorial Health Center by ambulance and later transferred by air to Washington MedStar Hospital Center, where she died.

At about 7:15 a.m., a trooper from Prince Frederick Barrack responded to 5920 Cherry Hill Road and Route 4 in Huntingtown, Maryland, after receiving an animal complaint from motorists passing by the area. Upon his arrival at the scene, the trooper found the dog actively engaged in the attack on the woman in an overgrown area near the highway, adjacent to the front yard of the victim’s home.

Police say that as the trooper approached the scene, the dog aggressively began moving toward the trooper.

In fear for his safety, the trooper fired his State Police-issued .40 caliber pistol, wounding the dog and resulting in the winged dog fleeing from the scene of the attack.

The trooper immediately began rendering aid to the victim until EMS personnel arrived on the scene. Sheriff deputies from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office also responded to assist.

WTOP reports that: “Sources who responded to the scene said that the woman was bitten in the back of the head and neck and that her family is preparing for the worst.”

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The dog, later identified as a Dogo, was located a short distance away from the scene. In an attempt to apprehend the dog and prevent it from doing further harm to anyone, police on the scene fired again, fatally wounding the animal.  The dog reportedly belonged to the woman’s fiance.

Obituary of Jenna Rae Sutphin

Jenna Rae Sutphin, 28, of Huntingtown, passed away on June 21, 2018. She was born November 23, 1989, at Holy Cross Hospital to Ronald and Donna Sutphin. Jenna grew up in Croom and graduated from Grace Brethren Christian Academy in 2007. She was employed with Rae’s Cakes, Lake Presidential Golf Course, and the Law Office of Prince George’s County. Jenna enjoyed hanging out with family and friends, baking cakes, hunting, fishing, crafting, softball, drinking, dancing, camping, and tanning at the beach. Jenna lived life to the fullest and will be remembered as a happy, fun-loving person who always had somewhere to be and was always smiling.

Great Britain is one of several counties that ban the Dogo Argentino

Banned Breeds

From The following breeds or their mixes are not permitted to enter or transit the UK: Brazilian Fila, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa Inu, or American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier. Also, some kinds of American Bulldogs have been found to be Pit Bulls. It is illegal to enter or transit the UK with any of these breeds or their mixes.

Dogs can only be considered for exemption from UK Dangerous Dog Laws through the courts. Pet owners cannot apply for an exemption when importing their dogs. Only dogs that are returning to the UK after being placed on the exemption list can enter. MORE

Dogo Argentino among breeds banned in Australia

The illegal nature of dogfighting in Australia means that injured dogs rarely get veterinary treatment placing the dog’ s health and welfare at even greater risk. “Restricted Breed Dogs” cannot be imported into Australia.

These include the Dogo Argentino, the Japanese Tosa, the Fila Brasileiro, the Perro de Presa Canario, and the American Pit Bull Terrier. Of these, the Pit Bull Terrier and the Perro de Presa Canario are the only breeds currently known to exist in Australia, and there are strict regulations on keeping these breeds, including a prohibition on transferring ownership. MORE

A Single Mother Barely Survived an Attack by Dogo Argentino

Two Dogs Are Attacking People In Gzira, And The Situation Is Getting …

Mar 17, 2017 – The dogs have been identified as two Dogo Argentinos, a large, … at least five other people who have reported attacks by these dogs, with one …

Dog that killed a 5-year-old in Chicago was likely a Dogo Argentino

May 26, 2015 – Dog that killed a 5-year-old in Chicago was likely a Dogo Argentino … South Side Monday night, despite the efforts of several people to intervene.

Dogo Argentino from Dog Breeds That Have Attacked the Most People

They are a high-energy, aggressive breed, that makes excellent guard dogs, but caution should be taken when introducing them to unfamiliar people; an attack …

Wikipedia reports that the Dogo Argentino is a large, white, muscular dog that was developed in Argentina primarily for the purpose of big-game hunting, including wild boar; the breeder, Antonio Nores Martínez, also wanted a dog that would exhibit steadfast bravery and willingly protect its human companion. It was first bred in 1928 from the Cordoba Fighting Dog, along with a wide array of other breeds, including the Great Dane.

The Dogo is an intelligent and courageous dog with a strong, natural instinct to protect its home and family. Dogos are very social dogs and are happiest when included in all family activities. Dogos make a strong distinction between familiar people and strangers, so it is imperative that they be well-trained and socialized at an early age.

Jenna Sutphin with her fiance Jason Hammer in a 2017 photo from Facebook.
Jason Hammer is a Corporal with the Prince Georges County Correctional Center.

Dogos are hunters of great courage and endurance and will work individually or in packs. They have also successfully been used in police protection work. An unsteady temperament is a serious fault.

Jason Hammer, a Prince Georges County Correctional Officer, posted this information about the DOGO pups he raises and sells on his Facebook page;

Dogo Argentino Show Quality Puppies for sale, currently taking deposits, as Puppies will be ready for their forever homes in late November 2017. Deposit amount $500.

Please message for full pricing of puppies.

Father’s bloodline – Sire is Ch Yego Del Valor Blanco
Dam is Socorro Rose Del Valor Blanco

Mother’s bloodline – Sire is De Los Bucca 
Dam is Pukalpa De El Tumi

Father is UKC registered and Mother is Federacion Canofila De Puerto Rico


Jenna Sutphin remarked about the decision not to sell a Dogo pup to a crazy person on Jason Hammer’s Facebook ad for Dogo pups

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9 Replies to “Trooper stopped Dogo attacking Jenna Rae Sutphin; victim died at trauma unit in DC – dog attacked trooper too and was dispatched

  1. first. . prayers to Jenna and her family and friends. . second. . not a pit bull. . why even make the comparison. . .also Dogos along with any other dog are bred and raised by humans. . .if they are bred to fight . . they will. . .if they are bred to be big lap dogs. . they will. . many dogs are failed by humans either willfully or because of insane stereotyping. . as is evident by overcrowded shelters with certain breeds far outnumbering others. . and disgustingly high euthanasia rates among those same breeds. . BSL is a huge problem.

    1. Wrong Jennifer? Very much a Pit Bull blood line developed in Argentina. Second if it is not the breed than your are saying they are bad owners? You cannot have it both ways. If a dog has to be trained to be safe, it is a bad breed-period. That is just commonsense.

  2. This is a bs story I have had a Dogo for 5 years and never had a problem with him. It’s the people in the wrong hands these dogs can be bad. Doesn’t mean all Dogos are bad dogs. This one probably didn’t have a good life. They are far from trash dogs.

  3. This breed is NOT known for an unsteady temperament. Using Wikipedia as your information resource is stupid. This breed is used for hunting – stable temperament is a must. This is a sad tragedy but it is NOT an actual reflection of the breed.

    1. It is not unsteady in context of a combat dog. Not at all a canine intended for keeping as a pet. What does it take for you people to get it. Someone could get killed. Wait a minute they were

  4. No person, group or business that actually cares about the welfare of ALL DOGS wants more dogs to be bred to have the mauling drive to dismember and kill dogs, or occasionally humans.

    It’s cruel to the dogs themselves to breed more dogs that must be shot and stabbed to stop their attacks.

    All dogs can bite. Most non bully dogs bite to guard a resource, to make you leave.
    If they bite, they immediately let go, so you can leave, and live.

    “Good” game (insane) mauling dogs bite to dismember and kill.

  5. It’s illegal to plant landmines in the lawn or rig a hand grenade to the fence to explode and kill trespassers.

    While this dog killed its “consenting adult” owner, all too often the victims of bully dog attacks are neighbors or passersby, pets and people.

    We need severe breed neutral punishments to make the owners of weapon / gladiator dogs care enough to prevent attacks.

    Here’s a breed neutral affordable plan: Charge all owners and caregivers of dogs, that maul and kill pets or people, with felony animal neglect and abuse.

    Immediately remove all dogs from their property or their possession.

    Found guilty, ban them all from any dog ownership or contact for LIFE.

    The FBI is tracking animal abusers, so they could become the national registry.

    Signs must be posted:
    No Dogs Permitted.
    Any dogs later found on the property or in their possession will immediately be confiscated.

    Publicized and enforced, this breed neutral, affordable plan will begin to make dog owners care enough to PREVENT that first attack.

    You can own any dog you want until you show that you are unable or unwilling to train and manage your dangerous dog. Then it’s “game over” for your dog ownership privileges.

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