Hobo Days in 2018 includes a sleeping bag and extension cord to charge a cell phone by vagrant

Hobo Days in 2018 includes a sleeping bag and extension cord to charge a cell phone by vagrant

George Scruggs, 25, of Lusby, Md., Dunn Clean Laundry squatter with a sleeping bag, drugs and extension cord to charge his cell phone. Calvert Deputy Rzepkowski on June 8, 2018
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LUSBY, MD – The hobo of the 21st century is much different from those of yesteryears who rode the rails and slept in boxcars on freight trains that were parked in large railroad yards – only to be chased out by railroad police.

Today’s hobo in Southern Maryland often sets up camp in woods around Prince Frederick, Waldorf and Lexington Park and uses the camp as a base from where ventures to shopping centers are made to panhandle or steal from unlocked vehicles.

In Calvert County, Captain David Payne reports that on June 8, 2018, Deputy Rzepkowski responded to Dunn Clean Laundry, Lusby for a complaint about a hobo who was trespassing.

Deputy T. Rzepkowski entered the business and found George Dale Scruggs II, 25, of 303 Oak Drive, Lusby, Md., complete with his gear that included sleeping bags in the bathroom and was allegedly using an extension cord from the business to charge his cell phone.

Scruggs was also packing some drugs to even out the stress of dealing with those who arrived at the laundromat with their dirty linen by bringing along suboxone.

Scruggs was taken to the Calvert County jail and charged with CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana ( St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Rozier Steinbach,) and Trespass-Posted Property.  A trial in Calvert District Court has been set for Aug. 10, 2018. Bond of $3,000, unsecured, was met and made on a personal basis by Scruggs who likely had Yosemite Sam vouch for him. Taxpayers, who are likely paying for Scruggs’ Obama phone, will be overjoyed to learn that they are also springing for his free lawyer.

A theft charge in Hagerstown, Md., was placed in Washington County District Court and a warrant was issued on April 26, 2018.

Arrested on Jan. 28, 2018 for theft by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Rozier Steinbach, the case was part of a plea deal between St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz hammered out in District Court on July 28, 2016. THE DEAL: Scruggs entered a guilty plea to theft and received a sentence of Probation Before Judgement with a sentence of 90 days in jail with all the jail time suspended and a fine of $100.00.

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