Prince William Police Beat: Snappy and chatty teen brought his cash to buy drugs; drug dealer Aaron Burke only brought a gun

Prince William Police Beat: Snappy and chatty teen brought his cash to buy drugs; drug dealer Aaron Burke only brought a gun

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MANASSAS, VA. – It all started with a snappy and chatty conversation between a teeny-bopper who wanted to buy drugs and naturally turned to “Snap-Chat” to ring up a drug dealer. Prince William County Police report that on March 24, 2018, at about 6 pm the rendezvous between teen seeking drugs and an alleged gunman seeking a stupid kid who likely had money with which to buy drugs culminated in a meeting in the 8000 block of Ashton Drive in Manassas.

The somewhat smarter of the two brought a gun to the marketplace while the aforementioned doper only had cash. A track by a K-9 dog didn’t reveal the robbery suspect on the day of the event but later, on July 3, 2018, robbery detectives tracked down the dimwitted Aaron Deon Marshall Burke, 19, of 9337 King George Drive in Manassas, Virginia and charged him with armed robbery and use of a gun in the commission of a felony.


Boozing Bozo Kicked Cops

Jillian Secrit WESTENDORF, 31, of 61 Live Oak Lane in Stafford Va. assault on Prince William Police Officers while drunk

WOODBRIDGE, VA. – Nasty is one thing, drunk is another, stupid can be dangerous. Some miscreants can be all three. Prince William County Police report that on June 29, 2018, at 8:35 PM, officers responded to the 2700 block of Potomac Mills Cir in Woodbridge, Va., to investigate an unconscious person sitting in a vehicle. Fire and rescue personnel arrived first and initially began treating the suspect, later identified as the accused until she regained consciousness. Upon further investigation, it was determined the accused was heavily intoxicated.  When officers attempted to detain the woman, she resisted and as officers attempted to take her into custody, she put up a battle royale, kicking one officer in the chest and another she nailed in the officer’s leg. Finally, the officers were able to subdue the Wild Woman of Borneo and hauled her off to jail. Police identified her as

Jillian Secrit WESTENDORF, 31, of 61 Live Oak Ln in Stafford, Va.
Westendorf was charged with 2 counts of assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, intoxicated in public and obstruction of justice. She was held on a bond of $10,000 and a court date for her to sober up and advise a Judge that the Devil made her imbibe in firewater has been set for July 31, 2018. To her credit, on her Facebook page, she announced that she is against “hate”.


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