DWI HIT PARADE: Delaware State Police Checkpoint Strikeforce Netted 6 DUI Drivers

DWI HIT PARADE: Delaware State Police Checkpoint Strikeforce Netted 6 DUI Drivers

DUI checkpoint Newark, Rt 72 & Old Baltimore Pike, Multi-Agency DUI Checkpoint Strikeforce. Delaware State Police Photo by Gene Shaner
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Delaware – The Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS) coordinated DUI checkpoints in all three counties on Saturday, July 14th from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. the following morning. DUI enforcement over the weekend nets 6 DUI arrests with additional 96 citations.

Working together with the Delaware State Police and local law enforcement, OHS supported five DUI checkpoints across the state.

Police say that Checkpoint Strikeforce was extremely successful due to the statewide media coverage which was a deterrent that discouraged many impaired drivers from taking to the highways.

In Delaware, officers made 6 DUI arrests and netted an additional 96 traffic arrests or citations for other infractions, including 17 seatbelt violations, 12 drug arrests and the apprehension of one wanted person.

“As a result of our combined strategies, the Delaware State Police, local law enforcement and the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, we were able to make our highways safer through education, deterrence, proactive patrols and sobriety checkpoints to inform the motoring public on the importance of driving safely.” – Sergeant Richard Bratz, Delaware State Police Public Information Officer

The next Checkpoint Strikeforce effort on September 1st, 2018 which will include four DUI checkpoints statewide as well as DUI patrols to deter the public from driving while impaired.

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