HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL – Stafford Detectives: Deavers an Eager Beaver at Hustling Heroin



HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL – Stafford Detectives: Deavers an Eager Beaver at Hustling Heroin

Stafford Sheriff’s Office Arrests Suspect for Drug Possession and Distribution

UPDATE: Deavers entered guilty pleas and has been sentenced to prison as of June 24, 2019 (see below)

Stafford, VA. – It has been a heck of a commute for a busy beaver Michelle Deavers as she ran the roadways between Stafford County in Virginia and the City of Baltimore, dodging sudden rainstorms and weaving her way through heavy traffic, all to keep up with the demand of her many druggie customers who just can’t get enough of that wonderful stuff.

The stuff?  Heroin and fentanyl.

Stafford County Sheriff David Decatur reports that a long-term drug investigation came to a close with the arrest of Michele Marie Deavers, 30, of Stafford. She was selling heroin and fentanyl in Stafford County. The investigation ended on the morning of July 21, 2018, when detectives learned she was traveling into the county from the City of Baltimore with a quantity of heroin. Deputies conducted a traffic stop in the area of Brooke Road and Mount Hope Church Road and Deavers was arrested on an outstanding drug warrant.

Opioids and crack cocaine were located during the traffic stop. In addition, a search warrant was executed at the suspect’s residence located at 59 Little Whim Road on the same day which police report finding evidence indicative of drug distribution and drug paraphernalia.

Deavers was charged with possession with intent to distribute a schedule II narcotic and possession of a controlled substance. She was incarcerated at Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.

Deavers has a criminal background that includes a conviction for shoplifting in Fredericksburg District Court.

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