PRINCE WILLIAM POLICE BEAT: Crazed Cameron LeFear screaming for help uses infant to dupe Good Samaritan and then keeps her captive




PRINCE WILLIAM POLICE BEAT: Crazed Cameron LeFear screaming for help uses infant to dupe Good Samaritan and then keeps her captive


MANASSAS, VA. – A man who used the fake father in need of help for his baby routine duped a woman to leave the safety of her apartment to come to his aid, rather than call the cops.  Prince William County Police say that on July 20, 2018, at 6:49 pm, the victim was on her balcony when she heard the screams of a man identified by police as Cameron Garett LeFear, in the parking lot of the apartment house. The woman ran to the aid of the man who told her of his infant who in distress. Once the con-man had lured the woman into his apartment, he hit the deadbolt the door. Police say LeFear was acting crazy and irrational and refused to allow the woman to leave.

Police say that the infant’s mother returned to the apartment and LeFear then shoved his prey out of the apartment and to the ground, injuring her in the process and fled the scene.

Police say that the infant was unharmed the Good Samaritan had a minor injury from the fall.

Cameron Garett Lefear charged on July 24, 2018, with abduction and battery of Good Samaritan who came to his aid in Manassas. Prince William Police
Cameron LeFear basketball Flint Mich.

LeFear was later arrested on July 24, 2018. Cameron Garett LeFear, of 11250 Chatterley Loop. Apt. 304, Manassas, Va., was charged with abduction and battery. He was ordered held without bond and a court date of August 28, 2018, in Prince William District Court was set.

LeFear gave an address in Flint, Michigan when he was charged with malicious body injury in Fairfax District Court on July 17, 2017. The Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney dumped the charge on Oct. 2, 2017.

LeFear had some craziness on the basketball court when he played for Livingstone College after playing as a junior at Oakland City University. He quit college in his senior year in 2014, to take a professional spot with the Hong Kong Bulls basketball team, a second-tier league to the Chinese Basketball Association.

LeFear told a reporter that he was taking the $56,000 seven-month contract to help support his mother and his brother who went to federal prison on a gun charge.

It may be that LeFear never became a Hong Kong Bull but he has become the wolf in Manassas who is full of bull and facing serious charges that could land him in prison.

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