DOVER POLICE BEAT: The Case of the Fake Burger King

DOVER POLICE BEAT: The Case of the Fake Burger King

DOVER, DEL. – All it takes to be a King is to act like a King but apparently, Nicolas Lynn didn’t pass muster with a loyal employee of the real Burger King.

Dover Police spokesman Master Corporal Mark Hoffman reports that on Aug. 9, 2018, at 3:54 pm Nicolas Lynn entered the Burger King at 211 South Dupont Highway in Dover and handed a note to an employee demanding money.  Perhaps, noting that Lynn forgot to wear his King crown hat the employee told the ex-con to take a hike.

Fake King Nicolas Lynn then pointed to his waistband and told the employee he had a gun. This act wasn’t very convincing and in the future, Lynn might want to don one of the Burger King crowns if he expects to demand respect from his subjects.

Nicolas Lynn left with no loot and the Dover Police caught up with him and charged him with armed robbery.

Naturally, even though Lynn was violating his probation and was arrested for attempted armed robbery – it counts when a robber says he has a gun even if he doesn’t have one – this is the land of weak justice Delaware and Lynn was given a $7,000 unsecured bond and set loose once again on the innocent citizens of the First State.

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