MURDER USA: Willie Sykes Dawson charged with slashing death of Gloria Piper

MURDER USA: Willie Sykes Dawson charged with slashing death of Gloria Piper

MANASSAS, VA. – 911 callers get them all and Aug. 13th a 911 operator in Prince William County took a call from a man who said that his roommate managed to get herself all dead – from lots of stab wounds and lying in blood in her bed, according to a scenario described by Prince William Police. The one detail the man left out was that he was the killer.

Police say that when officers arrived at the residence at 8317 Rolling Road in Manassas, Va., about 8:51 pm, they found that Gloria Jean Piper, 60, was dead as described by the caller and soon they bundled up the man who called for emergency responders as the suspect in the way and manner she had been murdered.

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Police say that a crack team of sleuths were able to deduce that an argument had taken place earlier that day between the victim and the suspect, Willie Sykes Dawson, 68, of the same address as the victim.

Police say that the argument escalated into the violent stabbing death of Piper. The detectives continued to put the pieces of the puzzle together and placed Dawson under arrest for murder on Aug. 14, 2018.  Dawson was ordered held without bond.

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