MURDER USA: Zulqarnain Khan Held Masjid Noor Mosque Hostage, Threatened to Kill Worshipers, Rammed Three Parked Cars

MURDER USA: Zulqarnain Khan Held Masjid Noor Mosque Hostage, Threatened to Kill Worshipers, Rammed Three Parked Cars

WEST SPRINGFIELD, VA.  – Fairfax Police say that a 22-year-old man is facing five felony and four misdemeanor charges after being arrested at the Masjid Noor Mosque on Aug. 19, 2018.  Officers were called to the mosque, located at 8608 Pohick Road in Springfield after Zulqarnain Khan was threatening to kill everyone he encountered and refusing to let people inside the mosque.  He also rammed three parked cars with his own car, including one that was occupied, prompting calls to 911. No one was injured during the incident.

When an officer arrived, Khan sped towards the officer before jumping out of his car, blocking Pohick Road.  He began cursing and screaming at the officer before he was taken into custody.  Investigating officers learned that Khan arrived at the location and not only prevented people from entering the mosque, but also forced people to leave as he threatened them.

Zulqarnain Kham was charged with the destruction of property. abduction attempted malicious wounding, and threats

Khan was taken to the Adult Detention Center and charged with the following felonies: three counts of abduction, one count of attempted malicious wounding, and one count of destruction of property.  In addition, he was charged with three counts of misdemeanor destruction of property and one count of disorderly conduct.  He is being held without bond.

Code Section: 18.2-137
Class: CLASS 6
Offense Date: 08/19/2018
Arrest Date: 08/20/2018
Complainant: NEIL, D A
Amended Code Section: 18.2-137

Disposition Information
Disposition: GUILTY
Sentence Time: 12 Month(s)
Sentence Suspended: 12 Month(s)
Probation Time: 12 Month(s)Probation Starts: Operator License Suspension Time:Restriction Effective Date:Operator License Restrictions:VASAP:Fine: *Costs: $92.00 *Fine/Costs Due: 10/11/2018 *Fine/Costs Paid: YES
Fine/Costs Paid Date: 10/11/2018


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