Huntingtown Liquor store Discount Liquors robbery in their stolen getaway car heading back to PG County.



Discount Liquors – Wide Load Robbery July 25, 2018

UPDATE:  A Calvert County Detective went to work with leads left by the bandits who held up a Huntingtown, Md., liquor store on July 25, 2018 – especially a sidekick to the bandit that was described by police as “heavy-set”.

Calvert Sheriff’s Captain Tim Fridman reports that Detective Christopher W. Wells of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department tracked down two suspects in the robbery of Discount Liquors, located on Rt. 4, to their hideout in Temple Hills and with the assistance of Prince Georges County Police learned that the vehicle used in the stickup had been stolen from an apartment complex near to the where the alleged robbers were holed up.

Det. Wells work led to Theodore Emanuel Logan, 29, of 7000 Allentown Road, Temple Hills, Maryland and Keocesha Denise McNeil, 23, of 4122 23rd Place, Temple Hills, Maryland as the banditos responsible for the robbery.

Logan won’t have to use any of his hot cash from the robbery to pay a lawyer as Luke Woods of the Prince Frederick office of the taxpayer-funded Public Defender’s office will be his mouthpiece in court.  Logan has been ordered held without bond on charges of reckless endangerment along with associated charges of armed robbery.

Logan was recently facing criminal indictments in Prince Georges County on gun and distribution charges which were dropped in March by PG States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks.

Theodore Emanuel Logan 29 of Temple Hills, Maryland along with Tubby Keocesha McNeil charged with Discount Liquors robbery on July 25, 2018.
Keocesha Denise McNeil 23 of Temple Hills, Maryland charged in Huntingtown Liquors Robbery July 25, 2018
Calvert Detective Christopher Wells cracked the case of Wide Load Bandits Discount Liquors robbery July 25, 2018

Logan entered a guilty plea to felony burglary charges on Dec. 4, 2014, and in a plea deal with Alsobrooks found he would serve little time in jail. THE DEAL: A sentence of 20 years in prison with all the jail time suspended except for 18 months, which allowed Logan to do his time in the PG County Jail instead of going to the Maryland Prison in Hagerstown, Westover, or Jessup. Since Logan was on five years of probation, his full sentence from 2014 could be restored and send him to the slammer for a long time – court records show that he stands charged with violation of probation as of May 31, 2018, for earlier arrests prior to the Discount Liquors robbery.

Logan entered a guilty plea to indictments issued by the Charles County Grand Jury in a plea deal with Charles County States Attorney Anthony Covington on March 24, 2013. THE DEAL: Logan landed a deal for 18 months in the Charles County jail to two misdemeanor theft charges and felony burglary charges were dropped.

McNeil was ordered held without bond on the armed robbery charges as of Aug. 20, 2018. A bench warrant in Worcester County, Md., was issued for her arrest on Aug. 3, 2018, after a charge of possession of a martial arts weapon was put on the Stet Docket on March 23, 2018.  The weapons arrests were made by Ocean City Police Officer Benjamin Berry. McNeil was released from the Worcester County Jail on Aug. 17, 2018, just in time to win a free stay at the Calvert County Jail on the robbery charge. The Public Defender in Worcester can send her file to the Public Defender in Calvert via PDF.


HUNTINGTOWN, MD. – Big Mama was along for the robbery of a Calvert liquor store on July 25, 2018 – as police described the tubby armed robber – as heavy set – and apparently this ax-handle wide water buffalo had flunked out of her weight watchers’ class.

The two-ton tilly was accompanied by a black male as they made a mad dash from PG County to rob a store.

Police say that on July 25, 2018, at 2:07 pm, the Calvert Control Center was notified of a robbery at the Discount Liquor Store located at 5005 Solomon’s Island Road in Huntingtown.

The caller advised that the store was robbed at gunpoint by two suspects the first suspect was described as a black male wearing a bright yellow construction style shirt/jacket with silver reflective striping.

Police say that the victim related that the suspect displayed a black handgun with a bag over it.

The bag likely should have been over the head of the assistant robber, to prevent her from being identified and also from eating from bags of potato chips from the display on the counter, thereby slowing the progress of the holdup.

Big Mama Robber was dressed in the fashion of a highway worker with an orange construction style shirt/jacket also with silver reflective striping.

The two demanded money at which time the clerk gave the suspects an undisclosed amount of money from the cash drawer. The suspects fled the store in a black four-door Nissan passenger car bearing a Maryland tag.

The getaway car, without a wide-load sign on the rear end, was last seen fleeing northbound on Route 4 to PG County and DC where so many armed robbers originate.

Calvert Sheriff’s Detectives are actively working this case.  If anyone has any further information they are asked to contact Detective Wayne Wells at 410-535-1600 ext. 2595 or

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