Opinion: The Treasonous Acts of the Democratic Party

Opinion: The Treasonous Acts of the Democratic Party


In 1860, a treasonous faction of the Democratic Party began an insurrection against the United States because they would not accept the outcome of a presidential election. In 1919-21 and 1945-57, the Democratic Party fomented a “Red Scare” of public agitation and political repressions against perceived Russian threats in the United States.


Now, history is repeating itself. In 2016, the Democratic Party began a political insurgency – “The Resistance” – and a third Red Scare because, once again, they will not accept the outcome of a presidential election. The resistance, aided by politicized government institutions and news media propaganda, is a campaign of sedition against a duly elected president.


It is prophesized that the downfall of the American Republic will not come from foreign opponents, but from within by insidious domestic enemies. In 1968, extremist factions gained control within the Democratic Party. After 50 years, the Democratic Party has transformed from liberal to progressive to socialist.


The name “democratic socialist” is deceitful. The authoritarian nature of socialism is not democratic and constitutes a clear and present threat to fundamental American ideals, principles, liberties, rights, and the Constitution.


The Democratic Party subordinates American national sovereignty to globalism. It debases citizenship by extending rights and privileges to non-citizens, including the right to vote. It suppresses free speech with political correctness, groupthink conformity, and censorship. It undermines the rule of law and equal justice by obstructing the enforcement of laws.


It supplants a unifying American identity with the divisiveness of multiculturalism, identity politics, and “white guilt” racism. It disparages the teaching of American history, civics, and core values, preferring leftist social justice ideology. It opposes individualism and self-reliance and encourages group dependence. It strives to penalize capitalism for the furtherance of socialism.


It seeks to circumvent or eliminate the Electoral College system to its advantage in presidential elections. It advocates for the admission of additional states to gain Democratic Party majorities in the U.S. Congress. Ultimately, its goal is to impose one-party rule.


Arguably, the Democratic Party is the foretold domestic enemy of the Republic.

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  1. Your statements are irrefutable. What True Americans are all asking is, “When are we going to see accountability?” How bad does this have to get before we rise up and say enough is more than enough. The Democrat Party stomps all over the Constitution, then uses it to defend and legitimize what everyone knows is pure treason. People like California Governor Jerry (Comrade) Brown talks about seceding from the Union because the President expects people to obey the law. What kind of cr_p is that?

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