Regan Spinning Head Routine was Only Act Missing from Vanessa Lucia Krafft’s Booze and Coke Show – followed by a Booze Cruise with Kids



Regan Spinning Head Routine was Only Act Missing from Vanessa Lucia Krafft’s Booze and Coke Show – followed by a Booze Cruise with Kids

STAFFORD, VA. Doubling down on trouble – when will a Stafford County District Court Judge keep this crazed driver behind bars where she can’t hurt her own children or the public?

Vanessa Lucila Krafft, 27, of Stafford, Va., has been arrested twice in a month for DUI and drugs in what may be her attempt to audition for Regan in the next remake of the movie in the Exorcist series. The DUI arrest is her second within ten years.

When Stafford County Sheriff Deputies arrived at the 7-Eleven store located at 2998 Jefferson Davis Highway, on Sept. 22, 2018, they found Kraft, 27, spewing out liberal doses of obscenities and doing everything that made Linda Blair famous for her portrayal of Regan in the 1973 horror movie.

Police came in response to a caller advised a woman appeared to be under the influence of unknown but intoxicating substances and found Krafft slumped over next to the ice machine in front of the store. Deputies say that Krafft was belligerent and repeatedly shouted obscenities. They also detected the smell of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person.

Krafft was taken into custody and a white powdery substance, as well as a large amount of cash, was found in her purse.  Kraft was incarcerated at Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, assault and battery on law enforcement, and public intoxication.

Krafft Arrested After Eluding Law Enforcement with Children in Vehicle

Stafford deputies arrested Krafft for driving under the influence and eluding police with children in the vehicle on August 31, 2018, at approximately 12:16 p.m., Deputy Jacobeen responded to reports of a reckless driver in the area of Garrisonville Road and Jefferson Davis Highway. The caller advised that a vehicle repeatedly drove into the median and the front bumper was dragging.

Deputy Jacobeen located the vehicle in the area of Telegraph Road and Woodstock Lane. The vehicle was driving slowly, and the left front tire was completely flat. When the deputy activated his emergency equipment, the vehicle crossed the double yellow line into the southbound lane and over the fog line. The vehicle then crossed the double yellow line again into the northbound lane and over the fog line.

The deputy used the cruiser’s public address system to tell the driver to pull over, but the vehicle continued traveling on Telegraph Road. The vehicle continued going back and forth over the double yellow line. Eventually, the vehicle pulled into a driveway and came to a stop.

The deputy observed two young children in the back seat of the vehicle. The driver did not open the door or window, prompting the deputy to open the door and explain that she was driving all over the roadway.

Police say that Krafft, 26, became belligerent and refused to exit the vehicle. Additional units arrived and helped detain the suspect. She was unsteady on her feet and her speech was slow and delayed. A search warrant for blood was conducted at Stafford Hospital.

Throughout the incident, Krafft repeatedly threatened deputies. She was taken into custody and incarcerated at Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond. She is charged with driving under the influence, child endangerment, eluding police, possession of marijuana, and several traffic offenses.  Krafft has court dates in October and December of 2018.


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