AIR FORCE ONE touches down on Potomac River


AIR FORCE ONE – touches down on Potomac River

Air Force One on a barge headed for Washington, D.C. at National Harbor.

With the assistance of two tugs moving a barge loaded with a replica Air Force One destined to for National Harbor, this Boeing 747 glides up the Potomac in the same shipping channel used by the British to attack during the Revolutionary War and during the War of 1812.  The British fleet in 1814 went north up the Patuxent River and landed troops at Benedict who then marched on Washington and burned the Capitol, White House, and other public buildings before sailing for Baltimore to lay siege to Fort McHenry.

This replica of Air Force One will be on display at a cost of $30 for adults and $15 for children at National Harbor.  This area of the Potomac was a key part of the military movements to supply troops and supplies for key battles as the Civil War raged.

Air Force One replica passes by the birthplace of George Washington in the Northern Neck of Virginia on the way to National Harbor for display. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photos. 

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