ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s Sheriff; State Senate District 29 candidates Debate at Lexington Park


  • They always put blowhard politicians in charge of solving transportation gridlock and expect results. 2004

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s Sheriff Debate at Lexington Park Library sponsored by League of Women Voters and St. Mary’s County NAACP


  • I will expand the vice and narcotics division to combat the drug dealers

  • We have carried multiple vacancies in school resource positions in spite of our claims to want to bring about improvement in school safety.

  • Metal detectors: I don’t believe it’s the only answer, look at the jam up at the entrance to courthouses with only 30 or so people entering.

  • (asked about the Great Mills High School shooting murder) Every officer, EMS, parent, staff member, acted in a correct manner. After the fact, we paraded that officer around the nation, he should not have to be reminded – that is not appropriate, here is your reward, we don’t need to show him, it was his job. What he needs is the support of the community and all of us.

St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo


  • Needle exchange, I don’t agree with – needle exchange would have to require the individual to be in treatment.

  • I agree with metal detectors as an option for the schools but not the only option. If we put metal detectors, our students are going to queue at the entrance and it becomes a choke point and a target.

  • I don’t agree with moving 30 percent of the state prison system back to the counties, as the cost will be on the counties as a large portion of non-violent offenders will re-offend.

  • (In response to the statement by Belleavoine) You had the chance to say the right thing and you didn’t do it.  That SRO did his job, I agree, he was asked if he wanted to appear for an award, he agreed with that, he represented every one of our people in our agency, he was proud to represent us. He represents every man and woman in our community, In a rare example of when our profession did the right thing, he agreed to that, when he appears for an award, he represents everyone in our agency, that is proud of him, proud of our response that day.

Maryland Senate District 29 Debate: Republican Jack Bailey, Democrat Tom Brewer

Video courtesy of THEBAYNET.COM

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