ELECTION 2018: Endorsement for Peter Franchot for Comptroller of Maryland 

ELECTION 2018: Endorsement for Peter Franchot for Comptroller of Maryland 

Vote to reelect Peter Franchot Comptroller of Maryland

Comptroller Peter Franchot is the only Democrat running for state office in Maryland that deserves the votes of Marylanders. Bar none.

Franchot is attacked regularly by politicians in Annapolis and they aren’t Republicans — instead, they are other Democrats who have become frustrated that the popular Comptroller refuses to go along with the majority party’s political gamesmanship. Franchot follows in the path of respectful and responsible leadership that acts independently of the entrenched Democrat party control of the General Assembly. Franchot follows the path established by Louis Goldstein and William Donald Schaefer.  Franchot has stood up to the big-spending liberals in Annapolis such as former Gov. Martin O’Malley and the legislative overlords. The Machine Democrats have attempted to strip the Comptroller of his duties as an independent watchdog for the public so they can exercise complete control.

Vote for Peter Franchot for Comptroller.

(The above YouTube video is provided here without compensation and for the purpose of education.)

Comptroller Peter Franchot with former Leonardtown Mayor J. Harry Norris

Comptroller Franchot works hard with officials in local government to bring state resources to solve problems as shown here with a visit to Leonardtown with then-Mayor J. Harry “Chip” Norris.  THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot announcing funding for the replacement of the Dover Bridge in Talbot County, accompanied by Talbot officials, including then-Talbot Sheriff Dallas Pope.

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