ELECTION 2018: General Election Endorsements

ELECTION 2018: General Election Endorsements

GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND: LARRY HOGAN – hands down is the best Governor of Maryland in decades. The Democratic Party has devolved into a pity party of pampered elitists supported by a network of self-entitled tax-takers, mental midgets, and screaming ninnies. The party that provided Maryland with excellent Governors in the form of Millard Tawes, Harry Hughes and William Donald Schaefer should be embarrassed by nominating a shrill race hustler who may have a hard time getting a decent vote out of PG County or Baltimore City, both of which have overwhelming Democratic registration.

This election is all about Larry Hogan – he is qualified, convincing, determined, effective and tremendously successful in turning around the Peoples Republic of Maryland into a land once again attractive to entrepreneurs and commerce instead of the sinkhole of mediocrity, over-taxed and socialist hellhole which the State was quickly becoming during the O’Malley Administration.

Governor Hogan should be reelected, and he needs Republicans elected to the Maryland General Assembly – in enough districts to give him a working majority and set back the Democrats on their haunches.  The Days of the Democrat Party Machine control of the Maryland General Assembly needs to end. The leftist policies of over-regulation and high taxes nearly ruined Maryland and the votes to support that agenda come from legislators in Southern Maryland as well – in Charles County.

In St. Mary’s County, the Republican candidates for the House of Delegates should be elected along with Jack Bailey to the State Senate and turn back the insincere and scurrilous candidacies of the three stooges who wish to go to Annapolis and vote as if they live in Columbia or Silver Spring. The views of these Democrat candidates are not in concert with the views of the people of St. Mary’s County and represent a level of candidate never before seen – incoherent, inexperienced and disconnected to the average voter. This crop of Democratic legislative candidates in St. Mary’s mirrors the derangement of the party at the local, state, and national levels.

Vote for Matt Morgan, Jerry Clark, and Deb Rey for District 29 House of Delegates.

St. Mary’s County Commissioners: While there may be room for improvement in some areas of performance of the current incumbent Republican commissioners, overall, they have provided mature and steady administration of the county government, kept taxes down, funded significant improvements and supported education.

Vote to reelect Randy Guy, Mike Hewitt, and support newcomer Eric Colvin – all Republicans. John O’Connor went nuts in his term and began supporting agendas that he never disclosed in the 2014 campaign that he embraced after he won the election. His advocacy for charter government – a big government move supported by egghead liberals and dunderheads – which has been voted down four times in the last forty years, along with his push for a police union reveal he is just off the rails. Unaffiliated candidate Clarke Guy is sensible and steady, and Republicans should support him to replace O’Connor.

St. Mary’s Sheriff: Really, another four-year term for Tim Cameron? Why is Tim Cameron continuing the coverup of the corruption of the Sheriff’s Department, the thievery of deputies involved in the theft of construction and building materials from the department’s property held storage in 2002. Why does Cameron protect the lying and deceitful commanders in the agency that he has hand-picked? Tim Cameron came in with overwhelming public support in 2006 like a breath of fresh air, and he promptly became the new President of the Good Old Boys Club in the Keystone Cops Sheriff’s Department. He failed to provide full disclosure of how it came to be that his deputies opened fire on homes in the Wildewood community, with live rounds entering a home and a bedroom in which an infant was napping. Sheriff Cameron said he was “mortified” and promised a complete report – which he has yet to provide the public.  Cameron has covered up and tolerated untruthfulness from his top commanders. Frankly, it is a real disappointment to watch Sheriff Cameron sink into political gamesmanship and petty office politics and shed the image of a hero on a white horse that he rode into office in 2006. Cameron is a heck of a lot better at running a PR machine than he is at being a law enforcement leader.

Ted Belleavoine achieved the same rank in the department that Cameron did before his election as Sheriff and thus is equally qualified to assume the post. It is time to fire Cameron and hire Belleavoine as St. Mary’s County Sheriff.



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