Letter to the Editor:   Elect Ted Belleavoine Sheriff of St. Mary’s County

Letter to the Editor:   Elect Ted Belleavoine Sheriff of St. Mary’s County

     Years ago, I had the pleasure to meet a gentleman who is very thoughtful, caring and selfless.  He had a way about himself that made you feel like you were important and what you had to say was important.  I went on to work for this man in a supervisor/subordinate capacity.  I learned a great deal from him.  He taught me leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.  He ensured that I knew what qualities an effective supervisor should possess.

I’d like to think that I later became a good supervisor because of this man’s instruction and guidance.  We later became good friends.  Our families eat together, vacation together, laugh together and cry together.

The man I speak so fondly of is Ted Belleavoine.  Ted proudly served St. Mary’s County as a Deputy Sheriff for over 25 years and retired in 2015.  He addressed the needs and concerns of many citizens in the county.  He is willing to continue to examine the issues of the community and listen closely to the questions of the public and concerns as Sheriff of St. Mary’s County.

You see, I am writing this endorsement because I want others to know the man I know.  The man that I am proud to call my brother.  He is highly qualified, capable and passionate about being your next Sheriff.  It’s time to move forward in law enforcement.  Elect Ted Belleavoine, Sheriff of St. Mary’s County.


                                                              Ret. Sgt. Mike Butler

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