MURDER USA: THE CASE OF THE EVIL SISTERS – Over the Hill and Through the Nanjemoy Woods, Not with A Pumpkin Pie, Just Want to Slice & Stab You Till You Die

MURDER USA: THE CASE OF THE EVIL SISTERS – Over the Hill and Through the Nanjemoy Woods, Not with A Pumpkin Pie, Just Want to Slice & Stab You Till You Die

NANJEMOY, MD. – Deep in the woods of western Charles County was the setting for a wicked home invasion and double-stabbing, reports Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry.

Police say that on November 17, 2018, at 11 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Bland Drive in Indian Head for the report of a stabbing.

When officers arrived, they learned two female suspects stabbed two women who were known to them and fled the scene in a white Dodge van. Officers canvassed the area and observed the van nearby; they initiated a traffic stop and arrested the suspects. The investigation revealed Melinda Ann Allen, 31, and Melissa Marie Russell, 32, of 770 University Drive, Waldorf, Md., drove to the victims’ house and forced their way inside.

During a physical altercation, police say that Melissa Russell stabbed a 55-year-old woman twice in the upper body. Melinda Allen, of 502 Gerry Lane, Waldorf, Md., allegedly stabbed a 26-year-old woman once in the torso.

Right out of a reality TV show such as Jerry Springer, these two hellions took the time to commit one more atrocity of disrespect upon the stabbing victims, as police say the Deadly Duo then rammed their van into one of the victims’ cars several times before fleeing.

The incident is the result of a dispute that occurred earlier in the day. The victims were flown to a hospital where they were treated for injuries that were later determined to be non-life threatening.

Both Russell and Allen were charged by Detective John Long with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, home invasion, and other related charges. Bond was set by a District Court Judge on Nov. 19, 2018, for Russell in the amount of $50,000 and records show that she will be represented by a free attorney provided by the Maryland Taxpayers. A preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 12, 2018.  Allen also was held in the Charles County Jail on a bail of $50,000.

Russell was charged by Charles County Detective Garner with the distribution of drugs and possession. Employing noted La Plata criminal defense attorney Hammad Matin, of La Plata, Russell got an easy plea deal from Charles County States Attorney Anthony Covington on Aug. 7, 2018. THE DEAL: The charge of dealing drugs was dropped and possession of heroin was put on the Stet Docket. That charge was brought back from the Stet Docket on Oct. 24, 2018, to reopen the case.

Allen was charged in Anne Arundel Circuit Court on March 26, 2018, with possession of a handgun on her person, rogue, and vagabond, theft under $25,000, allowing children to have access to a firearm and failing to return a rental vehicle. In a plea deal on Aug. 9, 2018, with Anne Arundel States Attorney Wes Adams, Allen entered a guilty plea to failing to return a rental vehicle. THE DEAL: Allen was given Probation Before Judgement and all other charges were dropped.

Walter Junior Carroll II found dead in Nanjemoy Md. Nov. 17, 2018

Two days prior to this violent event, a man went missing and later a body was found in the Woods of Nanjemoy.  On November 15, 2018, a vehicle operated by Walter Junior Carroll II, 36, of Nanjemoy, was found abandoned on Poseytown Road in Nanjemoy. When he didn’t return home, his family contacted police to file a missing person report. Several search and rescue teams, including canines and the CCSO’s drones, were deployed to assist. On November 17, members of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office located Carroll deceased in a creek. The Charles County Dive Rescue team recovered his body. There were no obvious signs of foul play. His body was sent to the office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore where an autopsy will be performed. Det. J. Elliott is investigating.

Carroll was indicted by the Charles County Circuit Court Grand Jury on counts of attempting to elude police, violation of a protective order, possession of a gun by a convicted felon, reckless driving and driving while suspended. In a plea deal with Charles County States Attorney Anthony Covington on May 1, 2013, Carroll, of 13300 Riverside Road, Nanjemoy, Md.,  entered a guilty plea to felony possession of a gun. THE DEAL: Carroll was sentenced to jail for one year and all other charges were dropped.




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