MURDER USA Dakota Theriot caught by Sheriff deputies in Warsaw, Virginia after leaving a trail of five dead bodies in Louisiana


MURDER USA Dakota Theriot caught by Sheriff deputies in Virginia after leaving a trail of five dead bodies in Louisiana

Dakota Theriot in booking photo in Richmond County, Virginia where he was arrested by Sheriff’s Deputies who were checking his grandmother’s home when he arrived with a rifle. He has been booked into the Northern Neck Regional Jail while awaiting extradition back to Louisiana on charges of murdering five people. Theriot is suspected of killing a family who took him in after his parents ejected him from their home. At that point, police say he returned to his family home and killed his parents before fleeing on a 1,000 mile journey to his grandmother’s home in Warsaw, Va.

WARSAW, VA. – Richmond County Sheriff Steve Smith reports that his deputies took wanted fugitive Dakota Theriot charged with a killing spree in Louisiana into custody when he showed up at his grandmother’s home on Historyland Highway near Warsaw on Jan. 26, 2019.

Theriot showed up in the pickup truck that he stole from his father at this home of his grandmother in Warsaw, Va., located on Historyland Highway. His grandmother had fled the home and gone to a motel. Theriot had lived in Warsaw and attended high school in the area. Richmond County Sheriff deputies were checking out locations where the fugitive may have been hiding and got a call from the grandmother about her home. When deputies were checking out the premises, Sheriff Steve Smith says Theriot arrived in the Dodge pickup with a rifle sticking out of the window. Photo courtesy of WTVR.

The Richmond County Sheriff reports that on January 26, 2019, Sheriff Steve Smith received notification of an ongoing homicide investigation in Louisiana and that the suspect, Dakota Theriot, 21, was believed to be heading for his grandmother’s home after killing five people in Livingston Parish, La.

Dakota Theriot wanted for killing five people in Livingston Parish La. was captured when he arrived at his grandmother’s house in Warsaw, Va.

Police were asked to check the family’s home near Warsaw as they hid out for their own safety in a motel. Sheriff’s deputies were checking possible locations that Theriot may have fled to from Louisiana and during the search was when they got the call to check out the grandmother’s home.

While Deputies were at that location, police say that Theriot arrived at the residence in a vehicle with a firearm pointed out of the window.

The Deputies sought cover and challenged Theriot, who then dropped the firearm upon their commands and was taken into custody without incident. Theriot was transported to the Northern Neck Regional Jail and is currently being held without bond pending his appearance in court.

Richmond County Sheriff Steven Smith says his deputies were waiting for accused killer Dakota Theriot when he arrived with a gun at his grandmother’s house in Warsaw, Va. The deputies stood their ground and the killer finally gave up.

Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard & Sheriff Bobby Webre of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office confirm the capture of 21-year-old suspect Dakota Theriot. He was located in Richmond County, Virginia Sunday morning and is in the process of being booked by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

“SPECIAL THANKS to our law enforcement partners at the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, Greater Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers, the Louisiana State Police Taskforce & other out-of-state agencies who assisted. And, thanks to our media partners & residents of Livingston Parish for working with us on this still developing case.” said the two Sheriff’s in a joint statement.

Elizabeth and Keith Theriot, both 50, were at their home near Baton Rouge when the suspect killed them, Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre said.

When authorities arrived at the scene, Keith Theriot was still alive and told them his son shot them, authorities said.

Dakota Theriot’s girlfriend, Summer Ernest, and her relatives were found dead in a home 30 miles away. The other victims included her father, Billy Ernest, 43, and her brother Tanner Ernest, 17, according to authorities.

Summer Ernest talked her family into taking in the accused killer when his own family gave him the heave ho a week earlier. She was one of three members of her family he murdered, say police, and then he returned home and killed his parents.

A GoFundMe page has been established to provide donations for funeral expenses for Summer and Tanner Ernest.

Funeral expenses etc. for Summer and Tanner Ernest on behalf of their mom Rhonda Champagne.  Summer and Tanner were murdered yesterday…20 and 17 yrs. old…I wasn’t prepared for this…my children taken from me…any and all donations are welcome…ty so much in advance. My prayers and thoughts with every life my children touched…I pray they were a blessing and I thank everyone who was a blessing to them.

When news of the capture of the suspected mass killer was announced, many posts of thanks were published on the Facebook page of the Livingston Parish Sheriff.

Summer and Tanner Ernest murdered at their home by suspect who was caught in Virginia.

Harry Reeves Jr. provided this comment: “Thank y’all so much from the Ernest Family My Cousin Billy and my little cousin Summer and Tanner can Rest in Peace and we can hold our head up knowing y’all did what y’all told us y’all would do thank y’all from the bottom of our hearts.”

Vivian Stevens posted: “Great job to all men/women in blue. Now DEATH ROW PLEASE.”

Pat Martin: Vivian Stevens what if it were your mentally Ill son? Would you feel the same way? It doesn’t sit him free cause he has problems, but someone should have known.

Randy Ray: He not mentally ill. Just a cold-blooded killer. Put the needle in his arm.

Vivian Stevens: I think there were other issues

Ty Book: Pat Martin if it was my son so be it. This dude should die if found guilty.

Darren Graham: I think a trial is in order first. Personally, I don’t like the idea of murder so I’m thinking life in the nastiest cell they can find.

Terileigh Grimes: Pat Martin no she would not feel the same. His mother is dead. He killed her. And everyone is saying that he seemed just fine. Until he wasn’t.

DeVonna Ponthieu: I believe the Supreme Court has put a moratorium on death penalty cases now while they debate whether it is cruel and unusual punishment. However, whether he gets death penalty would be up to a jury. There may be extenuating circumstances of which we don’t know about (can’t imagine what they would be to kill your own parents, girlfriend, her brother and dad though)

Heather LeBlanc: someone that does something like this shouldn’t be allowed to have 3 meals and a roof over his head for the rest of his life. My personal opinion.

Dorian A. Celestain: Pat Martin I’m no advocate for the death penalty. But this “mental illness” bullshyt needs to stop.

Ronni Hebert: Omg. He had “mental illness”? Like what?! please tell me how that makes it okay for someone to kill FIVE people?!?! Ohhh yeah, it doesn’t !!!!!!!


Melissa Dooley McGraw: DiEsha Dorsey who murdered 5 ppl… we need to quit giving these kids a slap on the wrist and making examples…. maybe it would be less crime…

Freda Dye: Vivian Stevens death row yes but not for years, and years, years.

Michael Swann posted:  After found guilty on all 5 counts they should absolutely kill this coward. But do it no less than FIVE times! Firstly, drown him and then administer CPR. Next, after healing up, suffocate him with a plastic bag until dead. Revive again and let heal. Then suffocate him with a plastic bag until dead. Revive again and let heal. Then maybe light him on 🔥! Extinguish and repeat until dead. Heal him up only to face the firing squad. Shooting him with small caliber weapon taking him apart piece by piece. SLOWLY… SLOWLY FINISH HIM! Oh, and a few snakebites along the way. And btw all that IS NOT ENOUGH to deliver what this animal deserves! WHO DAT!

Linda Breaux, I thank God that this criminal is off the streets, and that he was apprehended without another life lost including our wonderful men and women in blue! This guy knew what he was doing which shows intent, so I pray justice to the victim’s family is stiff and swift! I’m so sick and tired of people getting off with the insanity plea and, what kind of message is that sending to our youth? RIP to all the victims!!

Zion Williams: that coward killer deleted his Facebook page before being arrested. he was monitoring and deleting comments all last night.

Jamie Agnello: His lawyer probably had him delete it.

Dan Mustarde: Sending thoughts and prayers to all of Summer’s friends and family. What a tragedy!

Michael Perry: So sad that your life had to end this way. But who knows why things go the way they go? My mom always said that we would understand it better by and by. I’m sure your departure has left a giant void in the lives of many. May Gods comfort and understanding be with each of them today and the days ahead.

Holly Marie Bowman: I say f*** the law. I say protest like back in the day. Get the torch, get the group. Walk the streets. Get in the jail. Burn that kid to death. It’s not fair. The law is there to protect the innocent. If you are in fact guilty. You shouldn’t be alive. It’s not fair. I don’t care what negative remarks people have for me. If you are proved to be a killer, you shouldn’t have a right to breathe 1 more day.

Lloyd Hughes: I believe that myself…if there’s no chance of it being mistaken identity. Don’t wait 20 years…. kill them after they are arrested. Save tax $$$ and family grief.

Holly Marie Bowman: Lloyd Hughes they let all these killers live. Maybe prison isn’t the best place, but prison is better than death. It’s not fair this kid and all the other young killers get to survive. Mental illness does not make you kill others. I believe my brother has a mental problem. He was put in prison over drugs. After prison he killed himself. That’s mental illness. Not these cold blood killers!

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