Politics in Toons: Starring Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening – When The Washington Post ignored the affair of the liberal Democrat who was sleeping with his deputy chief of staff on love trysts on the state yacht and foreign trips – paid for by the taxpayers –

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For two years the Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post both ignored and spiked the story of Maryland Governor Parris Glendening conducting an affair with his Deputy Chief of Staff. Glendening promoted her over other female staff members with whom he was not having sexual relations, giving her $31,000 in raises over a period of three years until ST. MARY’S TODAY broke the story. Brave media outlets such as NBC4 in Washington refused to cover after the Governor’s press secretary denied the news story.

Glendening went on his regular gig with WTOP radio and denied the report, stating that ST. MARY’S TODAY regularly reported on two-headed cows and UFO reports. Ha, ha. After listening to that interview, I published the following retort: “ST. MARY’S TODAY will be glad to publish any photos of a two-head cow and should a UFO land in Southern Maryland ST. MARY’S TODAY will immediately provide coverage for our readers – but in the meantime, the only UFO in Maryland is Parris Glendening who is an Unidentified Fathering Object.

Maryland Governor Parris Glendening in 2001 at Benedict Bridge.

Governor Glendening also faxed a Letter To The Editor after a copy of the ST. MARY’S TODAY newspaper with the headline about the LOVE GOV was rushed to him at the Maryland Governor’s Mansion. In the letter, he denied the report and said that the front page of that week’s edition would go down in history along with the Chicago Tribune front page that declared “Dewey Beats Truman”.

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Left to right: Governor William Donald Schaefer, Historic St. Mary’s City Director Burt Kummerow, and Washington Post Vice President Ben Bradlee, who was appointed by Schaefer as the Chairman of the Historic St. Mary’s City Commission . The Governor holds up a tee shirt noting the unearthing of the lead coffins of suspected to be that of Colonial English Governor of Maryland, Leonard Calvert.
THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo by Ken Rossignol

Glendening’s Mistress Vs. Willie Don’s Goof

Where were the politically correct when Glendening was sleeping with his deputy chief of staff?

This past week former Governor and current Comptroller William Donald Schaefer did a silly thing and made an ass out of himself over ogling the walk of a woman who was performing her duties assisting on the staff of the Board of Public Works.   He was wrong for doing so, but Schaefer’s embarrassing the woman over her walk in front of a room full of people was a far different event from former Governor Parris Glendening giving $31,000 in raises to his deputy chief of staff for sleeping with him.

Every day women parade around hoping to be noticed for their attractive dress, their hard work at keeping their figure intact, their hair, nails, shoes and everything else that makes them attractive.  For a wolf whistle, a sharp look, a polite compliment, many women long to hear while others view such things with disdain.  But the staffer bringing the Comptroller tea in a public meeting isn’t the time or place for wolf whistles and leers.  The Comptroller apologized for what he did in a private note to the woman and he owes no one else any further ado.

The so-called mainstream media and establishment politicians did not condemn Governor Parris Glendening when he was promoting his mistress over other qualified women on his staff because she was skulking around and meeting the Governor for trysts on the state yacht, on overseas trips and in overnight love sessions in Annapolis.   The big city media wouldn’t report on Glendening’s conduct, only ST. MARY’S TODAY printed the truth about Glendening and his government mistress and as well as the lies of his press secretary, Mike Morrill.   Glendening said this newspaper only reports on UFO’s but the truth was the only UFO we have ever written about was him: an Unidentified Fathering Object.  He dumped his wife, married his pregnant mistress and their love child was born.  All the while, no complaints from the politically correct.

Governor Glendening flew his girlfriend around the world with him, at taxpayer’s expense, gave her raises, courtesy of the taxpayers, while dumping his wife.

Where were the indignant when Glendening was discriminating against women for promotions in favor of the one who kept him happy in the sack?  They were getting the policy and politics from Glendening that fits their agenda and they didn’t say a word.

Get real.  Schaefer’s conduct was silly but not nearly as outrageous as Glendening.   The politically correct legislators ought to put aside their phoniness and get to work for Maryland in bringing about good public policy.

William Donald Schaefer has been a good governor and a good comptroller.  It is up to the people of Maryland to figure out that ogling a good looking woman is okay, to embarrass her is not, and an apology for doing so is and was the appropriate remedy.

When Maryland Comptroller William Donald Schaefer was under fire for ogling a staffer at a Maryland Board of Public Works meeting, while he was in a race for re-election, ST. MARY’S TODAY pointed out that the news outlets such as The Post and The Sun who were raining down darts and arrows on him neglected to ever disclose prior to the ST. MARY’S TODAY report on Gov. Parris Glendening about the affair with his deputy chief of staff and use of state funds for his love trysts on the state yacht and foreign trips.

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Not long after the first series of news reports, Gov. Parris Glendening’s wife moved out of the Governor’s mansion, the couple got a divorce, Glendening married his deputy chief of staff in a December-May ceremony of wedded bliss and the love child was produced for the press.

Gov. Parris Glendening’s love nest – the Maryland state yacht.

Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend ran for Governor of Maryland in 2002 and lost to Congressman Robert Ehrlich. Glendening went on to head a Smart Growth program and never got a chance to become President of the University of Maryland after Townsend lost to Ehrlich.

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  1. Would that BWP (Benzos Wash Post) would use its vast resources to investigate a d Print the nefarious doings of the Clinton’s, Obama’s, and Mueller ? The St. Mary’s Today and its direct journalistic heir, The Chesapeake Today, printed and continue to post all the news that people say they don’t care about… but continue to read and talk about. That is investigative journalism!

    A.V. Cecil

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