RACISM ALERT: Virginia Governors still charge the Indians rent each year for their own land – with these drama queens, is Virginia for Losers?

Pamunkey and Mattaponi Indian tribes pay an annual rent to the Governor of Virginia, this group of tribal leaders paid with a deer in 1928
Virginia Gov. Mark Warner with Indian rent payment of a deer each year. Mark Warner is now a U.S. Senator and called for the resignation of Gov. Ralph Northam for a racist photo displayed on his medical school yearbook page. Now, Attorney General Mark Herring said that he wore blackface in college and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is embroiled in an alleged rape case.
The politicians pose each year with the Pamunkey and Mattaponi Indians as they present their annual rent for their own land in Virginia. Shown here is the Democrat Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam.

The Pamunkey Tribe and the Mattaponi Tribe presented their annual tax tribute to Gov. Ralph Northam and the Commonwealth of Virginia during a ceremony in Richmond, the state capital, on November 21, 2018. Photo: Governor of Virginia

Evanne Armour, Capitol Bureau – RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — On Wednesday, people filled the front lawn at the Executive Mansion on Capitol Square to witness a ceremony that dates back 340 years.
Two of Virginia’s Indian tribes presented a tribute to Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
“We’re really here to celebrate what we call the original Virginians — those that were here many, many, many years ago,” said McAuliffe.

There are 11 tribes in Virginia. Wednesday, the Mattaponi and Pamunkey tribes delivered their traditional tax payment — an 8-point buck and a 4-point buck.
It’s part of a peace treaty from 1677
Terry McAuliffe as Governor got a song and a dance along with a deer from Indian tribes as rent for their own land. Photo courtesy of WAVY

Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe called for Gov. Ralph Northam to resign over a racist photo appearing in the Governor’s medical yearbook in 1984, but McAuliffe kept the tradition alive of extorting deer from Indian tribes as annual rent payment for their own land.

BELOW: Pamunkey tribe paying its annual tribute to the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2012 with Gov. Bob McDonnell accepting.

Ralph Northam medical school yearbook page 1984 Governor of Virginia.

FROM NBC4 WASHINGTON – Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says he used blackface at a college party in 1980, in the latest controversy to hit Democrats elected to the state’s highest offices.

Herring is second in the line of succession for the governorship. His admission comes after the publication of a racist photo in the governor’s yearbook and a sexual assault accusation against the lieutenant governor.

The attorney general released a statement Wednesday saying he wore blackface and a wig as a costume decades ago. 

Herring said that as a 19-year-old college student, he and his friends dressed like rappers they listened to at the time, including Kurtis Blow, and prepared to perform a song. 

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