MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT: BAD ATTITUDE – Haughty Honey Busted for Bad Manners After Trooper Chased Down Speeding Driver; She Has a Get Out of Jail Free Card from Feckless Prosecutor

MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT: BAD ATTITUDE – Haughty Honey Busted for Bad Manners After Trooper Chased Down Speeding Driver; She Has a Get Out of Jail Free Card from Feckless Prosecutor

CALVERT SHERIFF POLICE BEAT: Leigh Anne Bauer was naked and unafraid to go to the slammer for burglary

LEIGH ANNE BAUER arrest by Calvert Sheriff naked and unafraid to go to jail.

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. Calvert Sheriff Capt. David Payne reports that on April 22, 2019, Deputy Grierson responded to Calvert Towne Road in Prince Frederick for a check welfare. The caller advised there was a naked white female with blonde hair sitting next to a bonfire in the backyard. Deputy Grierson arrived on scene and made contact with Leigh Anne Bauer, 33, who matched the description but was fully clothed. After an unsuccessful attempt to make contact with the home owner(s), Bauer was advised to keep her clothes on and Deputy Grierson cleared the scene. Approximately one hour later, Deputy Grierson responded back to the home on Calvert Towne Road after Cpl. Kreps advised he was able to make contact with one of the homeowners, who was at work.

The homeowner stated that Bauer did not have permission to be on the property nor inside the residence. Bauer was placed in handcuffs and transported to the Calvert County Detention Center where she was charged with Burglary First Degree, Trespass: Private Property, and Theft $100 to under $1,500.


PRINCE FREDERICK, MD.  – There are times to be a pain in the butt and times to know when to fold them and to hold them and Leigh Anne Bauer clearly flunked deportment class, according to a report from the Maryland State Police.  Her cockiness can easily be traced to her ability to get any deal she wants from Calvert County prosecutors.

LEIGH ANNE BAUER arrest by Calvert Sheriff naked and unafraid to go to jail.

Police say that on March 23, 2019, at 12:31 am, Trooper First Class Costello working speed enforcement on Rt 4. in Pr. Frederick, observed a vehicle traveling northbound at a high rate of speed. 

TFC Costello attempted to make a traffic stop, however, the vehicle continued northbound on Rt. 4, turned onto Chapline Place and continued onto Prince Frederick Blvd., finally coming to a stop in the Educational Systems Federal Credit Union Parking lot. 

The distinct odor of marijuana was emitting from inside the vehicle.  The driver and rear passenger were cooperative and stepped out of the vehicle.  Leigh Anne Bauer, 33, of 5885 a Ketch Road, Prince Frederick, Md., was uncooperative and was removed from the vehicle.

Police say that Bauer continued to be uncooperative and she was arrested for

  • Disorderly Conduct,
  • Fail to Obey a Lawful Order
  • Obstructing & Hindering and Resisting Arrest. 

Bauer was incarcerated at the Calvert County Jail.  The driver and rear passenger were released from the scene. Perhaps Bauer will give her free, taxpayer-provided attorney a bunch of lip and may even sass the Judge. She could make this a triple header of dumb. Court records reveal she was asked to leave the jail on her own recognizance before she taught any other inmates any bad habits. (Not exactly, she was just released on her own word.)

Bauer might want to get a frequent flyer rate from the Maryland State Police, or BOGO, as she was arrested in Charles County, Maryland, by Trooper Zentkovich on March 7, 2019 for “willfully disobeying the lawful order, direction of a Police Officer” when operating a Honda southbound on Rt. 301 just north of Sub Station Road.  This particular charge is in addition to nine others from the same incident. A trial is set in Charles County District Court for May 10, 2019.

Another of her charges is for stopping and parking her car in an intersection – a really fun one to explain to a Judge, but Miss Manners might be up to the task – certainly she could just flip off the judge, after all, this is America.

Another of her charges pending trial is that of operating a vehicle while under the influence of controlled dangerous drugs – the specific one is not noted on court records; thus it could have been weed, heroin, meth, cocaine, oxy or any of the other old favorites. She could claim that she is an addict and needs help and DWI under drugs, while putting others at risk of losing their lives, is something the public will have to put up with as she is on the path to recovery.

Another inconvenience to Bauer was having to have current tags on her vehicle, and now that Socialism is going to take over America, she may believe no one will need tags or insurance or perhaps she can just take someone else’s tags. Lots of folks do it. But she got a ticket for this too.

Three drug paraphernalia and possession charges accumulated by Bauer either were found to be guilty or put on the Stet Docket since 2013.

One drug charge in 2013 resulted in a 90-day suspended sentence – providing further proof positive of the beneficial effects of marijuana and other drug use on enhancing clear thinking and making good life choices. The renowned attorney Joseph Vallario III represented her in the plea deal with Calvert States Attorney Laura Martin on Dec. 13, 2013. Bauer might want to dig up some scratch and hire him again.

Former Calvert States Attorney Laura Martin

Another DWI charge by Miss Manners Bauer was also accumulated on July 12, 2013 when she was arrested by Maryland State Trooper W. Smith when she was charged with possession of heroin. In a plea deal on Dec. 13, 2013, the DWI charge was dropped by States Attorney Martin in yet another example of how the States Attorney of Calvert County failed to protect the public from impaired drivers, time after time, during her terms in office.

Sen. Mike Miller was Bauer’s attorney on Aug. 9, 2013, when he arranged for a heroin charge to be dropped without any fine or time in jail. Kaput. Done.

Bauer gave Calvert Deputy Sheriff Scott Parish enough lip to lock her up for disorderly conduct on May 18, 2013 leading to second-degree assault charges and disorderly. States Attorney Martin gave yet another deal in exchange for a guilty plea to the nasty conduct charge. THE DEAL: Probation Before Judgement with sixty days suspended jail term. No time and no fine.

Bauer hired old pro attorney Larry Lamson to be her mouthpiece when she was awarded a couple of counts of DWI by Trooper A. Merkelson on Nov. 8, 2009 when she was flying high on Rt. 260 west bound at Rt. 261, meaning that she has just about flown impaired on most of the major highways in Calvert County – at least the ones when she was caught. In District Court of Calvert on May 26, 2010, Bauer was given a plea deal of Probation Before Judgement and the entire 30 days she was sentenced to was suspended. Clearly the people in the jail don’t want her and must tell the Judges to just put her back on the street, because that is exactly what the lilly-livered States Attorney Laura Martin has done for the past ten years. Martin has gone as she didn’t run for reelection. Time will tell if Andrew Rappaport is any better.

A Pill and Pot

LUSBY, MD. – A pill and some pot. Maryland State Police report that on March 18, 2019 at 3:01 am, Trooper First Class Robinson stopped a vehicle on Rt. 4 north of Calvert Cliffs Parkway in Lusby for traffic violations.  TFC Robinson identified the odor of burnt marijuana was emitting from inside the vehicle while speaking with the driver.  A probable cause search revealed marijuana under 10 grams and a Percocet pill for which the passenger in the vehicle did not have a prescription. 

The driver was issued a civil citation for the marijuana and the passenger, Davida J. Anderson, 21, of Bowie as arrested for possession of the Percocet.  She was incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

DEADHEAD HIT PARADE: Joe Faucett 4th lands in jail cell when nabbed with abundance of whacky tobaccy

LUSBY, MD. – Maryland State Police Detective Sgt. Bruce Bevard reports that on March 20, 2019, at 8:36 pm, Trooper First Class Davis stopped a vehicle on Rt.4 near White Sands Drive in Lusby for traffic violations.  A strong odor of raw marijuana was emitting from inside the vehicle.  A probable cause search revealed over 10 grams of marijuana.  Joe R. Faucett 4th, 22, of Washington, DC was arrested and incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

DWI HIT PARADE Copyright 2019

DUI Arrests – reported by the Maryland State Police Prince Frederick Barrack:

Name Age   Date of Arrest       Address       Arresting Trooper

Albert R. Thomas        60        03/19/19 @ 01:01 pm            Lusby, MD       TFC S. Barlow

Lori Donaldson            59        03/22/19 @ 07:33 pm            Lusby, MD       TFC T. Davis

Barry J. Parran 43        03/22/19 @ 11:02 pm            Pr. Frederick, MD        TFC T. Davis

Ryan L. White  23        03/23/19 @ 08:11 pm            Huntingtown, MD       TFC P. Kaitz

Lashika W. Camara     42        03/23/19 @ 10:34 pm            Lexington Park, MD    TFC P. Kaitz

James M. Hammons   24        03/24/19 @ 01:58 am Lusby, MD       TFC R. Backus

Irene E. Hammond      26        03/24/19 @ 02/22 am            Lexington Park, MD    TPR A. Kelly


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