DWI HIT PARADE: Maryland State Police DUI arrest by Salisbury Barrack during May 2019

Maryland State Police and Charles County conducted this sobriety checkpoint on Rt. 228 in 2015. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

DWI HIT PARADE: Maryland State Police DUI arrest by Salisbury Barrack during May 2019

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  • Troopers from the Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack made the following arrests for DUI during the month of May 2019:
    • Gerald Lewis Elston Jr., 38, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Kerry Wade Banks, 37, of 316 Locust Street, Crisfield, Md., arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs on May 6, 2019, at 11:57 pm, by Maryland Trooper Jered Arment. Taxpayers of Maryland will be paying for a free attorney to represent Banks in Wicomico District Court on July 24, 2019.

Banks was indicted for distribution of drugs by the Somerset Count Grand Jury on July 14, 2017. On Nov. 22, 2017 he was found not guilty.

  • Kevin Moses Quintanilla, 23, of Germantown, Md.
    • Kevin Charles Menzel, 26, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Milton Lee Thomas, 60, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Jermaine Pasquale, 25, of Seaford, Del.
    • Angel C. Rosas, 33, Salisbury, Md.
    • Michael S. Jackson, 34, Salisbury, MD
    • Tobias Marlin Satchell, 46, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Vincente Ventura Martinez, 46, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Dustin Richard Smack, 30, of Delmar, Del.
    • Lakia Lattice Cager, 27, 5906 Darel Street, Suitland, Md., was arrested for DUI by Maryland State Trooper Honsinger on May 7, 2019, at 9:57 pm as she operated a 2011 Audi westbound on US Rt. 50 at White Lowe Road. Cager has signed up with attorney Richard John Brueckner Jr., of Ocean City to be her mouthpiece in court on July 11, 2019.
    • Wanda Gail Messick, 50, of 7871 Pittsville Road, Pittsville, Md., was arrested by Maryland State Trooper W. Shelter on May 8, 2019, at 8:14 am, giving another view of the term ‘early birds get the worm’ – maybe the one in the Tequila bottle. Messick was operating a 2011 Ford truck on Old Ocean City Road at Woodyard Road in Wicomico County. Messick has a trial set for June 25, 2019, in Wicomico District Court.  The taxpayers of Maryland will pick up the tab for her free attorney, leaving her funds available for future intoxication adventures.
Maryland State Police Medevac chopper. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
  • Messick entered a plea of guilty in a plea deal with the Wicomico County States Attorney on Nov. 28, 2018 to the charge of failing to stay at the scene of a crash involving death or injury in an incident which took place on Aug. 11, 2018.
  • Messick entered a plea of guilty in a plea deal with the Wicomico States Attorney on Dec. 22, 2014 to a charge by Trooper D. Harper of driving while revoked and suspended, thereby building her resume as a motorist doesn’t give a damn about any laws or anyone else on the highways of Maryland. THE DEAL: No time and no fine.
  • Messick entered a plea of guilty in another plea deal with the Wicomico States Attorney on March 24, 2014, following her arrest on a charge of driving without a driver permit. THE DEAL: Messick was sentenced to ten days in jail with all ten days suspended, boy, that sure taught her a thing or two and a fine of $200.
    • Edward Vincent DeShields, 25, Salisbury, Md.
    • David Paul Williams, 64, Salisbury, Md.
    • Kevin Roger Lee Fisher, 54, Pocomoke City, Md.
    • Tobias Tecan-Hernandez, 30, of Salisbury, Md.
    • John Pios Deeney, 60, Salisbury, of Md.
    • James William Ogg Jr.  61, of 805 Meadow Point Road, Ocean City, Md., was arrested by Maryland Trooper Frock on May 16, 2019, at 3:22 am, which is just about the prime bewitching hour for those who closed down a bar. Ogg was stopped by Trooper Frock while eastbound on US Rt. 50 at Sixty Foot Road while operating a 2010 Ford truck.  Ogg goes to trial in Wicomico District Court on the DUI charges on July 16, 2019. Ogg is also charged with failing to control his speed to avoid a crash as well as wanton and willful disregard for the safety of others and property.
  • Apparently entering into a plea deal on Nov. 28, 2018 and pleading guilty to driving while suspended and failing to show up for the court-mandate Driver Improvement Program and the Anne Arundel States Attorney Wes Adams agreeing to a verdict of Probation Before Judgement didn’t affect James Ogg Jr. very much.
  • Driving while suspended and without insurance rang up another plea deal, this time with the Worcester County States Attorney (there are only twenty counties left for James William Ogg Jr. to gain more deals) on Nov. 22, 2017 as he was arrested by Ocean City Police Officer Nathan Kutz on Oct. 12, 2017, as he operated a 2013 Ford Flex eastbound on US 50 west of Md. 528.
    • Lizzette Gonzalez Vargas, 58, Virginia
    • Keith Allan Dale Sr., 53, Salisbury, Md.
    • William Edward Briggs 3rd, 67, of 7808 Woodrow Place, Cabin John, Md., was arrested by Maryland Trooper Jordan Monk as he operated a 1957 Chevy with Maryland vanity tag “NICBODY” westbound on Rt. 50 at White Lowe Road on May 19, 2019 at 2:05 am.

William Edward Briggs 3rd was arrested on May 18, 2019, at 3:05 pm by Ocean City Police Officer R. Flanagan for DWI and multiple traffic charges while operating the same hot ’57 Chevy at the 100 block of 66th Street in Ocean City, Md.

William Edward Briggs 3rd was charge d with DWI by Montgomery County Police Officer on Aug. 22, 2009 at 11:27 pm while operating a 2007 Mercury on Norbeck Road at Bauer Drive in Rockville, Md.  On Dec. 17, 2009, Briggs entered into a plea deal with the Montgomery County States Attorney where he entered a guilty plea to DWI. THE DEAL: Briggs was fined $100 and received a verdict of Probation Before Judgement.

  • Kenneth D. Wigfall, 54, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Pete K. Smith Jr., 48, Salisbury, Md.
    • Thorne K. Hurt, 48, Salisbury, Md.
    • James Franklin Era Jr., 39, of Hurlock, Md.
    • Jeron K. Mitchell 2nd, 37, of Virginia Beach, Va.
    • Aaron D. Walker, 34, Salisbury, Md.
    • Trisha R. Pippen, 43, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Tracey Michael Bodwell, 47, Salisbury, Md.
    • Kelley Adrienne Roseboro, 50, of North Carolina
    • Walter Chavez-Salas, 51, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Lisa Renee Savage,47, of Salisbury, Md.
    • Edny Saint Vil, 33, Salisbury, Md.
    • Demetrius Nathaniel Hawkins, 21, Salisbury, Md.
    • Matthew Cory Wood, 30, Salisbury, Md.
    • Jordan Blake Rolls, 27, Princess Anne, Md.
    • Daniel Lee Maxwell, 40, Fruitland, Md.

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