HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL: Ex-Con Deontre Dwayne Bradshaw caught with his mobile drug dispensary on wheels as he makes a fresh start in a new type of crime

HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL: Ex-Con Deontre Dwayne Bradshaw caught with his mobile drug dispensary on wheels as he makes a fresh start in a new type of crime


HOLLYWOOD, MD. – As the heroin epidemic continues to spiral out of control with all of the feel-good efforts of officials having little impact the incidents of heroin, crack and pill possession and dealing is an everyday affair in St. Mary’s County, Md. Now a career criminal had decided to cash in on providing drugs, allegedly, to those junkies in need of a fix or recreational drug users who just want to recreate with drugs.

Maryland State Police report that on May 16, 2018, at approximately 3:00 p.m., Tfc Christopher DiToto conducted a traffic stop in the area of Rt. 235 at Tom Hodges Drive, Hollywood, Md. TFC DiToto identified the driver as Deontre Dwayne Bradshaw, 32, of 21412 Manon Way, Lexington Park, Md., and allegedly his drugs and drug paraphernalia were observed in plain view. 

Police say that a probable cause search revealed multiple baggies of heroin, crack cocaine and suboxone strips in prescription bottles with obliterated labels.  Bradshaw was arrested, transported to the St. Mary’s County Jail, and charged with CDS Possession-Not Marijuana, CDS Possession Paraphernalia, CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute, and Prescription: Omit/Remove/Alter/Obliterate Label.

Bradshaw is going to have one of those handy-dandy public defenders cook up a plea deal for him and make all those drug charges disappear, or so he hopes. In the meantime, due to his charges and his extensive record, Bradshaw has been ordered on June 13, 2019, by a District Court Judge to be held in the Hotel St. Mary’s without bail.

Bradshaw’s Beatdown

HOLLYWOOD, MD. – St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that on May 15, 2014, witnesses observed a male suspect attempt to pull a female from the driver’s seat of a vehicle in the Burchmart parking lot located in Hollywood. They left the parking lot only to stop again at a dirt path across the street from the Burchmart. At that time, the suspect allegedly picked the victim up from behind, while she yelled for him to put her down. Deputy Cole responded to the scene and conducted the investigation. The suspect, identified as Deontre Dwayne Bradshaw, 27, of Hollywood, was placed under arrest and transported to the St. Mary’s County Jail. He was charged with 2ndDegree Assault.

When Deontre Bradshaw was indicted on June 13, 2014 by the St. Mary’s County Circuit Court Grand Jury for felony robbery, first degree assault, second degree assault and conspiracy to commit robbery, Bradshaw got a plea deal from St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz on Dec. 7, 2016. THE DEAL: A sentence of five years in prison in return for a guilty plea to misdemeanor second-degree assault, credit given for 306 days of time served while awaiting trial. Given his record, it is clear that Bradshaw never served five years in prison.

The Calvert County Circuit Court Grand Jury indictments issued on Nov. 18, 2014, for armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, felony use of a gun in a violent crime and others totaling 41 criminal counts, a plea deal was worked out by Calvert County States Attorney Laura Martin which resulted in Deontre Bradshaw entering an Alford Plea to conspiracy to commit armed robbery, in which he acknowledged the prosecution had enough evidence to find him guilty on all counts. On Oct. 2, 2015, Bradshaw was sentenced to twenty years in prison with all, but six years suspended. Bradshaw was given 507 days of credit for time served.

With Calvert County firmly embracing the Alice In Wonderland Judicial System of Maryland, where politicians bemoan the fact that criminals are kept in prisons – Deontre Bradshaw was out of prison and failing to meet the provisions of his probation on May 21, 2019, and a bench warrant was issued by a Judge. Will Calvert have to share Bradshaw with the St. Mary’s County Jail?  Only The Shadow knows.

Deontre Bradshaw was found guilty of first-degree burglary in front of Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Eric M. Johnson on June 18, 2010. The plea deal provided for a fifteen-year sentence with all of the time suspended. Another first-degree burglary charge provided a ten-year sentence with all the jail time suspended and three years of probation. Credit for time served since Dec. 2, 2009, was allowed in the sentence.


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