MURDER USA: Dominic Daniel given life in the slammer for killing Samuel Gemeny over a bed, a bong and eighty bucks


MURDER USA: Dominic Daniel given life in the slammer for killing Samuel Gemeny over a bed, a bong and eighty bucks



LA PLATA, MD. – One more killer has been removed from the dangerous streets of Waldorf after his conviction on first-degree murder charges on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

 Charles County Circuit Court Judge Amy J. Bragunier sentenced Dominic Xavier Daniel, 26. of Waldorf, to life in prison for the First-Degree Murder of Samuel Gemeny, Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence in relation to the murder of Samuel Gemeny, and the First-Degree Assault of Allison Hofmann.

Daniel previously entered a guilty plea to the aforementioned charges on February 25, 2019 in front of the Honorable Judge Amy J. Bragunier.

On May 16, 2017, Charles County Sheriff Officers responded to an apartment complex located in the 3400 block of Promenade Place in Waldorf for the report of a home invasion and shooting. Upon arrival, officers found victim Gemeny suffering with a gunshot wound to his neck. Officers also made contact with victim Hofmann, who was suffering with non-life-threatening injuries. Gemeny was pronounced deceased at the scene.

An investigation revealed that during the evening hours of May 16, 2017, the victims were inside of their apartment when Hofmann heard knocking at the front door. Hofmann looked through the peephole of the door but did not see anyone outside of the apartment. In an effort to see if someone had knocked and walked away, she opened the front door. At that time, Daniel, as well as co-defendants Morgan Tyrone Rich Jr. and Dominique Ariel Grant, forced entry into the apartment. None of the suspects concealed their faces and Hofmann immediately recognized Daniel and Grant as acquaintances of her and Gemeny.

Daniel, who briefly lived at the apartment prior to the incident, wielded an assault rifle and pointed it directly at Hofmann, demanding to know where a mattress was that he had while living in the apartment. He also demanded to know the whereabouts of Gemeny. Rich and Grant demanded money. Gemeny, who was in the master bedroom during the initial confrontation, approached the suspects undetected and hit Daniel in the back of the head with an iPad. Daniel then turned toward Gemeny and shot him at close range. Following the shooting, the suspects fled the area with three other co-defendants.

During the incident, Rich grabbed Hofmann by her throat and slammed her into a counter, which caused injury to her back.

At Daniel’s sentencing, State’s Attorney Constance Kopelman addressed the Court, “This crime is so senseless. It cannot be tolerated. The only sentence that makes sense is life. – [The defendant’s actions] caused a fear that is never going to leave [Hofmann]. People should be able to feel safe in their own homes. She had to see her boyfriend’s life taken in front of her. – The defendant robbed the victim [of his future] because he was angry over a bed, a bong, and $80.”

Also on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, co-defendant Rich, 29 of Waldorf, entered a guilty plea in front of the Honorable Judge H. James West to the Felony Murder of Samuel Gemeny, Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence in relation to the murder of Samuel Gemeny, and the First-Degree Assault of Allison Hofmann. Immediately following his plea, he was sentenced to life suspend all but 40 years in prison.

On June 5, 2018, co-defendant Grant entered a guilty plea to Felony Murder in front of the Honorable Judge H. James West. A sentencing date for Grant has been scheduled for August 28, 2019.

The remaining co-defendants are scheduled to be sentenced on July 31, 2019. Two of the co-defendants have entered a guilty plea to Conspiracy to Commit First-Degree Burglary; the remaining co-defendant entered a guilty plea to Conspiracy to Commit Home Invasion.

MURDER USA Waldorf continues to hit the homicide charts with six-pack of slugs nabbed for home invasion slaying of Samuel Gemeny

WALDORF, MD. — ATTENTION MR. & MRS. AMERICA AND ALL THE SHIPS AT SEA! Waldorf is striving to rival PG County and Baltimore in the 2017 Murder Sweepstakes!

As the rising murder rates in Anacostia in Southeast Washington and the killing fields of PG County move further south and envelopes Waldorf, the bodies are beginning to pile up on a regular basis.

The many newer residents of Waldorf who fled the out-of-control crime and slime of PG County seeking good schools and a better place to raise their children now see drug-related home invasions, burglaries, drug dealing and homicides increasing with alarming rates. Even with the election of a new sheriff, for the first time in Charles County history a black law officer who was a career commander in the Charles County Sheriff’s Department, the violent crime continues.

The element of race in this murder is mixed while the prevalent and underlying theme to the planning and execution of the crime to rob the victim appears to be money and revenge – with a huge dose of extraordinary stupidity.

According to the charging documents filed by Charles County Sheriff’s Detectives, the victim, Samuel Gemeny, a white male, was the occupant and co-tenant of the apartment on Promenade Place in Waldorf where he lived with his girlfriend, Allison Hofmann.

Couple played out their lives on social media

Gemeny and Allison Hofmann played out the story of their lives with each other on their respective Facebook pages. Even the postings for the funeral service held on May 22, 2017, informed friends and family of the service conducted in Sunderland.

The two both professed that they had found their true loves in each other and they painted their lives of what could be a country music song – one of mistakes, redemption, and love found at last.

Gemeny worked at Dean Lumber & Supply’s Insulation Division, according to his Facebook page.

Gemeny and Hofmann, who is the sales manager for a local car dealership, had planned to be married in August, according to Hofmann’s postings on her Facebook page after the murder.

“Baby, I love you so much! You will always be my world, and our love lives forever. August I would have been Allison Gemeny, but as far as I am concerned, I already am. I will be with you forever, and you made my life perfect in every way. You are my very best friend, and no two people have ever been closer. You will never ever leave my heart, and your love for me will live forever. We will always be together! I love you, Baby! You will never be alone I will fly with you always. God bless you, my love. I’ll be seeing you soon.”

On April 9, 2017, Samuel Gemeny posted this message proclaiming his love for Allie Hofmann:

“Just wanna give a shout out to my beloved Allison Allie Hofmann for granting me a chance at life and being there for me while I had no one.  She has done more for me than anyone could imagine. I love you Allison Hofmann you will always be my love of life!!”

Attack was planned

The attack and murder had been planned and carried out by Dominic Xavier Daniel and his friends after he had temporarily lived with the couple in a spare room. He had been ordered to leave when Hofmann found a gun on his bed. That man, Dominic Daniel, evidently planned his revenge with violence and murder.

Victim Brought an iPad to a Gunfight

Police stated that Hofmann got out of bed and answered a knock at the door at about 8 pm on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.  Hofmann looked through the peep hole in the door and seeing no one, she opened the door to peer down the hallway. When she opened the door, a black male pushed through and was followed by another black male and a black female. Hofmann told police she recognized the second black male as Dominic Xavier Daniel, who she told police was an acquaintance known to both her and her now deceased boyfriend. She said Dominic Daniel had a gun in his hand and demanded to know where his F—— money was. Hofmann allegedly told investigators that she continued to back up from the threatening intruders when Gemeny approached the gang from behind and clobbered Dominic Daniel in the head with an iPad. According to statements from Hofmann to police, Dominic Daniel turned and responded to tablet-toting victim defending his home electronically with a volley of gunfire. Hofmann told police that Daniel formerly lived in their apartment for several weeks earlier in the year but that she ordered him to leave after seeing a gun Dominic Xavier Daniels had left on his bed.

Hofmann told police that they could track Dominic Daniel by looking at the cell phone of her dead boyfriend. Police say that in that phone they found the phone numbers for “Domo Girl” which is the same number associated with the Facebook account for Dominque Ariel Grant. Police said the phone number lined up with one in a police data base for Grant. Hofmann told investigators that she had been to the home of Grant on Easter Sunday in Bannister Neighborhood of St. Charles in Waldorf, where Grant lives with her lesbian girlfriend and the girlfriend’s two children. Hofmann said she had driven Gemeny to the house where Grant lives so he could pick up two “cigarettes.”

After obtaining a positive identification of Grant, the Charles County detectives obtained a search warrant for Grant’s residence on Ferguson Court. As police were arriving, Grant was high-balling out of the neighborhood and was stopped. She was taken in for questioning and agreed to talk after being given her Miranda warning about being questioned and her right to an attorney. Grant told Detective Shankster that she was at the scene of the murder but did not cross the doorway threshold at any time. She admitted seeing a struggle between Gemeny and Dominic Daniel and the iPad whack on Daniel’s head but claimed that she only heard the sound of gunfire as she fled.

Police say that other interviews produced more suspects and witnesses.

Police say that the crew had planned the attack ahead of time, to rob Gemeny of cash and property. After the criminal enterprise was fully planned and their devious scheme to gain entry into the secured building was ready to implement, the group of Ditella, Webb, Grant, Daniel, Rich and Hayes deployed in two vehicles and drove in convoy to Gemeny’s apartment building.

Right out of a TV murder mystery, the group carried out their scheme to get past the secure door to the building. The effort, the planning, the risk and the consequences appeared to be far more in line with a robbery seeking cash and drugs. If so, the police never mention such a scenario.

The group of accused killers forced one doorway to the building open by yanking it until it gave, saying a lot for the design and security of the apartment building. Another doorway was breached by several of the gang lying in wait for a legal resident to enter and then grabbing the door before it closed behind that resident.

It is unknown at this time if the gang videoed their crimes. However, police stated that the attack squad demanded money and property from both Hofmann and Gemeny, struggled with him and then filled him full of lead before fleeing back to the Lancaster Neighborhood where police say they planned their robbery and attack.

Six-Pack of Killers

The suspects were arrested on May 17, 2017, and charged with first-degree murder, home invasion, armed robbery, and other related crimes:  Dominic Xavier Daniel, 24, of 1105 Princeton Lane, Waldorf; Dominique Ariel Grant, 28 of Waldorf; Gabrielle Marie Ditella, 19, of 104 Wynnewood Drive, Coatesville, PA; Andrew Loren Webb, 24, of Waldorf; Morgan Tyrone Rich Jr., 27 of Waldorf and Jared Jacob Hayes, 31, of Waldorf.(Scroll down for police charging documents)

Victim’s path forward was working for him and his fiancé Allison Hofmann

Gemeny had his brushes with the law over the years and used his Facebook page to vent about himself chasing his demons and his reformation – as well as expressing his disgust with those who fail to come to terms with walking the path of the straight and narrow.

Gemeny was turning his life around and settling down with Hofmann for a future that has promise and leaving behind his past. His Facebook page shows a new Lexus he bought and proudly displayed along with photos of fishing trips on the Bay. Gemeny posted various images on his Facebook page that emphasized his decision to lead his life by turning away from trouble and devious people.

Gemeny formerly lived on Rawhide Road in Lusby, Md., in Calvert County as did Dominique Grant, one of those charged with his murder.

Gemeny was convicted of theft in St. Mary’s County when he entered a guilty plea in a deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz on May 13, 2008. Gemeny was given a sentence of 90 days in jail and credit for time served of the same amount of days.
An assault charge in Anne Arundel County led to States Attorney Wes Adams placing the charge on the Stet Docket on May 17, 2013.  Gemeny entered a guilty plea to theft in Calvert County District Court on Jan. 16, 2007 and spent six months in jail.

Dominic Xavier Daniel was charged with 15 counts of murder and the associated crimes and was incarcerated on May 19, 2017.

Dominic Xavier Daniel was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, removing the label from a prescription drug container, possession of a handgun, possession of drugs by Maryland State Trooper Lowe on Dec. 29, 2016. A warrant was issued and served on him when he was rounded up with the alleged six-pack of killing thugs.  He faces a hearing on these charges on July 18, 2017.  Dominic Xavier Daniel is listed on the Facebook page of Samuel Gemeny as one of Samuel’s “friends,” underscoring the warning to be careful of whom one is “friends.”

Dominique Ariel Grant, of 2604 Ferguson Court, Waldorf, Md., was charged with 20 counts of murder and other crimes in the homicide of Samuel Gemeny. She faces a hearing on June 16, 2017, and in the meantime is incarcerated.  At the low height of just 4’11” tall and weighing but 119 pounds, Grant has proven she is in the heavyweight category of crime with the alleged acts that police say she committed.

Grant was charged with theft in Charles County and entered a guilty plea on March 10, 2009, in return for Probation Before Judgement and a suspended sentence of 30 days. Other traffic charges for driving without a permit were racked up while she lived in Calvert County.

Gabrielle Marie Ditella is only beginning to acquire a criminal record in Maryland but is off to a good start with 19 counts of Murder and other charges related to the homicide of Gemeny.  A taxpayer provided a free attorney, Derrick Hamlin is listed as her attorney. Ditella was incarcerated on May 19, 2017.

Andrew Loren Webb of 13460 Plantation Pines Place in Waldorf, Md, was charged with 19 counts of Murder and other crimes by Charles County Detective K. Clark. Webb was jailed on May 19, 2017.

Webb was charged with negligent driving on Rt. 50 in Anne Arundel County on May 22, 2015, by Maryland State Trooper Paul Lester and found guilty in District Court in Annapolis on Feb. 26, 2016.

Morgan Tyrone Rich Jr., of 2553 Robinson Place, Waldorf, Md., will face his first court hearing on June 16, 2017, on 19 charges including Murder.

Rich was charged with two counts of assault and false imprisonment on Jan. 6, 2014 in District Court for Prince George’s County. On Feb. 25, 2014, Prince Georges County States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks dropped the charges.

Jared Jacob Hayes, of 3546 Seagrape Court, Waldorf, Md., was arrested on 19 counts of Murder and other charges and was jailed on May 19, 2017.

Hayes was charged by Charles County Detective Elizabeth Starcher with four counts of forgery of documents and theft on May 4, 2015. On Aug. 5, 2015, Charles County States Attorney Tony Covington put all four charges on the Stet Docket with no fine and no time. Hayes was furnished with a taxpayer-provided free attorney, Michael Beach, to be his mouthpiece.

Maryland District Court Statement of Charges:

Allison Hofmann

Allison Hofmann told police of the horror of the attack on her home and the murder of Sam Gemeny

On May 16, 2017, at approximately 2024 hours, Charles County Emergency Services (911) was contacted by Allison Hofmann regarding a shooting.  Hofmann said three people forced their way in her residence and one of them shot her boyfriend, Samuel Keith Gemeny (a white male with a date of birth 06/18/1981).     Officers went to Hofmann’s residence, 3485 Promenade Place Apt. 303 Waldorf, Charles County, Maryland to investigate.

When officers arrived, they located Samuel Gemeny suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper the body. Gemeny died at the residence due to the gunshot wounds he received. Detectives from theCriminal Investigations Division were assigned to investigate.
During the investigation, detectives learned Hofmann lives at 3485 Promenade Place Apt 303 Waldorf, Charles County, Maryland with her boyfriend, Samuel Gemeny. On May 16, 2017, a short time before Hofman called “911” there was a knock at the apartment door. Hofmann got out of bed to answer the door while Gemeny stayed in bed. Hofmann looked through the peep hole and did not see anyone. She unlocked the
door to look in the hallway when a black male pushed the door open. This black male entered the apartment and was followed by another black male and black female. Hofmann recognized the second black male as one of their acquaintances she knows as Domo, later identified as Dominic Xavier Daniel. 

She recognized the black female as one of their acquaintances she knows as Domo, later identified as Dominque Ariel Grant.
Dominic Daniel had a gun in his hand.
Dominic Daniel was yelling about retrieving his bed and Dominique Grant was yelling about money.

Dominique Grant stated, “Where’s my fucking money bitch, where’s my fucking money!” While Dominic Daniel was pointing the gun at her. Hofmann was backing up to get away from the three intruders when Gemeny approached the intruders from behind. She believes Gemeny hit Dominic Daniel in the head with an object.

She observed Dominic Daniel turn toward Gemeny and fire the gun at least one time. Gemeny fell to the floor and was later pronounced dead.
While at the residence a spent shell casing and bullet were located in the vicinity of Samuel Gemeny. Also observed near Gemeny was an iPad which was laying on the floor.
Hofmann reported Dominic Daniel used to live at the apartment. She said for a couple of weeks in February and March 2017, Dominic Daniel spent the night at the residence about two times each week.

Police report on statement made by Hofmann: She believes the gun used to shoot Gemeny is the same gun she found on Dominic Daniels’ bed in March.

Dominic Xavier Daniel Facebook photo on the friends list of victim Samuel Gemeny

Hofmann said she told Dominic Daniel to leave at the end of March because she found a gun on the bed where he was sleeping. She believes the gun used to shoot Gemeny is the same gun she found on Dominic Daniels’ bed in March.
Hofmann said Gemeny’s cellular telephone has the phone numbers of the acquaintances she knows as Domo. Hofmann and officers looked in Gemeny’s cellular telephone. In the phone, there is a contact saved as “Domo Boy 2” 301-848-4571 and there is a contact saved as “Domo Girl” 240-346-4089.
The cellular telephone number saved under “Domo Girl” was entered in Facebook and is associated with the Facebook account Dominique Grant. When this cellular telephone number was put in the Charles County Sheriff’s Office database it shows the number is associated with Dominique Ariel Grant.

The most recent arrest photograph of Dominique Grant is dated October 09, 2010. Several of the photographs on the Facebook profile for Dominique Grant, are of Dominique Ariel Grant.

Dominique Grant lives at this house with her lesbian girlfriend.

Dominique Ariel Grant charged with murder of Gemeny May 16, 2017

Hofmann said she has been to Dominique Grant’s residence one time. This occurred on Easter Sunday, 2017. Hofmann said she drove Gemeny to Dominique Grant’s house to pick up cigarettes. When they arrived, Dominique Grant met them outside and gave Gemeny two cigarettes. Hofmann said she could take us to the house where Dominique Grant lives. She knows the house is in the Bannister Neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac. It is a rambler and Dominique Grant lives at this house with her lesbian girlfriend.

A drive-by of the residence located at 2604 Ferguson Court was conducted and the house was positively identified by Hofmann as the home where Dominique Grant resides. After identifying the residence, Detective Kelly #535 prepared a photographic lineup with Dominique Grant’s photograph and five other photographs. Detective Higgs presented this lineup to Hofmann.
Hofmann identified Grant’s photograph as having the same face as the female Domo who took part in the burglary and subsequent shooting/homicide at her residence on May 16, 2017. She said her hair is longer now than it was in the photograph.
On May 17th, 2017 officers and detectives with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office executed a search and seizure warrant at 2604 Ferguson Court Waldorf, Charles County, Maryland. Prior to executing the search and seizure warrant, Domonique Ariel Grant was located in her vehicle leaving from the residence
. She was arrested and transported to the District 3 Station for questioning. Grant was
advised of her Miranda Warnings and Right to Prompt Presentment and she spoke to Detective Shankster #345 regarding this incident.

Grant stated she understood her rights and speak to Detective Shankster #345. Grant admitted to being at the apartment when this incident occurred, however, she stated she did not cross the door’s threshold into the apartment at any time during the incident. 
Grant indicated she saw Domo and Victim Gemeny involved in a physical altercation. At one point Gemeny struck Domo in the head with an electronic tablet. Grant indicated she heard a gunshot as she was running from the apartment.
Subsequent interviews produced additional suspects and witnesses. During these interviews, it was determined Gabrielle Marie Ditella, Andrew Loren Webb, Dominique Ariel Grant, Dominic Xavier Daniel, Morgan Tyrone Rich JR, and Jared Jacob Hayes were all together discussing money and property victim Gemeny owed to Grant and Daniel. This group drove in 2 separate vehicles to Gemeny’s apartment building

This group drove in 2 separate vehicles to Gemeny’s apartment building. The entry doors to the apartment buildings are secured with a passcode and/or key card. 
The suspects gained unauthorized entry into the apartment entry door by yanking on one of the doors until opened and the other set of the doors was entered when another occupant from the building was exiting and the door was grabbed prior to the door closing. Several suspects went into one set of doors and the other group went into another set.

Police: A struggle ensued and subsequently Daniel shot Gemeny multiple times killing him

Allison Hofmann with the murdered Sam Gemeny

Allie Hofmann with Sam Gemeny

Once inside the apartment building traveled to Gemeny’s apartment. Grant, Rich JR, and Daniel went to the door while Webb, Ditella and Hayes were walking towards the apartment door. Rich Jr forced his way past victim Hofmann and the identified parties were inside the apartment or just outside the apartment door at the threshold. A demand for both money and property was made to both Hofmann and Gemeny. A struggle ensued and subsequently Daniel shot Gemeny multiple times killing him.

The suspects then fled the scene in the two vehicles they arrived in and returned to the Lancaster neighborhood where the original plan was discussed. They regrouped at that location and later dispersed. Based on these details there is probable cause to believe the parties involved conspired with one another to rob Hofmann and Gemeny of money and personal property and to commit a home invasion on Hofmann and Gemeny’s residence and they had reason to believe the residence was occupied at that time.


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