BWI AWARDED BOZO BOATER: Anthony Campisi tried to outrun Coast Guard, NRP

BWI AWARDED BOZO BOATER: Anthony Campisi tried to outrun Coast Guard, NRP

OCEAN CITY, MD. – The hot weather and cold beer are a dangerous combination in the hands of various nitwits and miscreants, and especially so in the case of an alleged nimrod who fled from the Coast Guard.

Maryland Natural Resources Police report that a Pennsylvania man faces numerous charges after Maryland Natural Resources Police caught him fleeing the U.S. Coast Guard in the waters near Ocean City. Two Natural Resources Police patrol vessels answered a call for assistance June 29 after the vessel allegedly sped away from federal authorities trying to board it. 

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The patrol boats were able to catch and stop the fleeing vessel, which was traveling approximately 35 knots northbound in the Assawoman Bay, but Natural Resource Police say the operator remained uncooperative. Police boarded the vessel and detained the operator, identified as Anthony Gerard Campisi of 2106 Bustard Road, Lansdale, Pa.

Natural Resources Police Officer Bunting charged Campisi with operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a vessel, and failing to yield to law enforcement; he also faces several federal charges from the Coast Guard.

For the state charges of operating while under the influence, he faces a maximum of 14 months in jail and $2,500 in fines when he appears in Worcester County District Court on Aug. 30, 2019.


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