DWI HIT PARADE: Outcomes of repeat DWI offenders; Just call Keith Millham lucky, connected or simply represented by talented DUI defense attorneys over the span of his twenty-year career of four drunk driving arrests

DWI HIT PARADE: Just call Keith Millham lucky, connected or simply represented by talented DUI defense attorneys over the span of his twenty-year career of four drunk driving arrests


KEITH ALLEN MILLHAM, at the age of 31, who at the time lived in Leonardtown, Md., was arrested for DWI by Tfc. Mark McLean in March of 2000. No record remains in Maryland Court records of this arrest. Millham has been the recipient of DWI charges on three occasions since his arrest in 2000 by TFC Mark McLean, who at the time of the arrest was stationed at the Leonardtown Barrack of the Maryland State Police.

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Maryland State Trooper Mark McLean conducts a field sobriety test. TFC McLean arrested Millham in 2000 in St. Mary’s County, Md., his first DWI arrest in Maryland.

In each of the subsequent three DWI arrests, the charges were either dismissed or put on the Stet Docket. In one of two DWI arrests in 2008, he was also charged with attempting to elude police.

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Thus, with four DWI arrests to his credit, court records show that Millham has never spent one day in jail or paid one penny in fines in spite of allegedly endangering the lives of others on Maryland highways located in three counties on both sides of the Chesapeake Bay. 

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Millham employed a DUI attorney to make a deal for him in the cases in Queen Anne’s and Anne Arundel County.

The decision on how to dispose of criminal and traffic cases is the sole purview of States Attorneys in St. Mary’s, Anne Arundel and Queen Anne’s counties.  The prosecutor can dump a case, allow easy treatment or put a case on the Stet Docket. The Stet Docket placement means that the charges can be revived should the defendant be charged again with a violation or criminal charge within a one-year period.

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Keith Millham is a 1986 graduate of Leonardtown High School in Leonardtown, Md., according to the information posted on Classmates.com. Millham posted on Flickr.com that he is an Information Systems Engineer. The Carroll County Times included Millham in a profile of the annual Maryland Renaissance Festival.

2000, 2008, 2008, 2017 DWI ARRESTS

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Wes Adams swearing-in as States Attorney in Anne Arundel in 2014, lost the race for reelection in 2018.
  • Keith Allen Millham, (DOB 11/04/1968) of 710 Americana Drive, Apt. 37, Annapolis, Md., was arrested for DWI by Maryland State Trooper Snell on July 7, 2017, at 12:09 am as he operated a 2000 Chrysler on the ramp from eastbound US Rt. 50 to Md. Rt. 665.  In a plea deal with the Anne Arundel States Attorney Wes Adams on Oct. 23, 2017, Millham’s DWI arrest was put on the Stet Docket, he entered a guilty plea to reckless driving, and other traffic charges were dropped as part of the deal with no fine and no time. Annapolis attorney G. Andrew Cochran represented Millham in arranging the deal.
  • Keith Allen Millham was arrested by DWI by Maryland State Trooper T. Wiest as he operated a 2000 Chrysler northbound on Md. Rt. 213 south of Rt. 544 on March 28, 2008. With Chestertown attorney, R. Stewart Barroll representing him in a plea deal with Queen Anne’s County States Attorney Frank Kratovil on July 2, 2008, the DWI charges were dropped.
  • Millham was again charged with DWI as he was stopped on March 3, 2008, while traveling southbound on Rt. 213 at Roundtop Road in Queen Anne’s County.  On Oct. 30, 2008, with attorney R. Stewart Barroll representing him, the charges were dropped by Queen Anne’s States Attorney Frank Kratovil.

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St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz at a rally for the campaign of Attorney General Gansler running for Governor in 2014. Gov. Larry Hogan beat the Democratic nominee. Hogan’s daughter works for Fritz. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

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Frank-Kratovil-was-Queen-Annes-States-Attorney-when-he-won-Md.-1st-District-seat-in-Congress-lost-it-in-2010-appointed-District Court-Judge-in-2011.-2

The Easton Star Democrat reported on Aug. 22, 2008: Keith Allen Millham, 39, of Chestertown received a criminal summons from the Queen Anne’s County District Court on July 23, 2008, for charges of negligent driving, speeding, attempting to elude the police and driving while intoxicated.

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