ANNAPOLIS POLICE BEAT: The Case of The Terror of Annapolis – Michael Arnell Davis charged in sword attack home invasion

ANNAPOLIS POLICE BEAT: Michael Davis charged with sword attack in home invasion

Annapolis Police Department

ANNAPOLIS, MD. – Annapolis Police report that a man attacked two victims with a sword. This act of violence may lead the Maryland General ASSembly to take strong action to ban swords in the Free State immediately and to remove the sword from the Maryland Coat of Arms in the State Flag.


This incident took place in the 900 block of President Street on Nov. 1, 2019, at 1:49 pm. Police say that the adult male victim reported that he was entering an apartment when Michael Arnell Davis, 31, (DOB 04/12/1988) of 1135 Madison Street Apt. B3, Annapolis, Md., allegedly forced open the door behind him as he entered the premises.

Annapolis State symbols on Statehouse. Will the fools and tools in the Maryland General ASSembly remove the sword which some kooks may claim is a symbol of violence that encourages nutcases?

Davis was yelling at the victim and does not live at or have permission to enter the home, say police.  Police say that Davis grabbed a sword in a sheath that was hanging on the wall and unsheathed it, threatening to kill the initial victim and another adult male inside the home.

Davis fell on his back and the initial victim was able to hold him and the sword down while waiting for officers to arrive. Davis was arrested by Annapolis Police Officer John Lee and charged with two counts each of first- and second-degree assault, home invasion, fourth-degree burglary, reckless endangerment, and trespassing. Davis is being held at the Jennifer Road Detention Center without bond until a bail hearing is held on Nov. 4, 2019.  Davis is set to have a free attorney provided by the beleaguered taxpayers of Maryland.

Michael Arnell Davis was charged with theft by Annapolis Police Officer Matthew Bodmer on Oct. 29, 2019, and the criminal case is pending in Anne Arundel District Court.

Wes Adams swearing-in as States Attorney in Anne Arundel in 2014, lost the race for reelection in 2018.

Apparently, Davis has more than a passing interest in burglary and trespassing at the public housing project in Annapolis as the Housing Authority has entered judgments against him and on April 26, 2019, Davis entered a guilty plea to trespass in a plea deal with the Anne Arundel States Attorney Wes Adams.  The deal included theft and burglary charges being dropped and 90 days in jail where presumably there were no swords hanging around on walls.

Michael Arnell Davis entered a guilty plea to DWI on March 6, 2019, and picked up a deal from States Attorney Adams to give him a jail sentence of six months in jail with all but 20 days suspended.  Davis was arrested by Annapolis Police Officer Matthew Adornetto as he operated a 2009 Ford on Madison Street at President Street in Annapolis on Jan. 5, 2019.

Michael Arnell Davis got another plea deal from States Attorney Adams on March 19, 2018, when he entered a guilty plea to possession of drugs, other than pot, and trespassing and possession of an open container were dropped. THE DEAL:  one year in Anne Arundel County Jail with all but ten months and 8 days suspended with Davis released from jail that same day.

Michael Arnell Davis entered an Alford Plea, which acknowledged that the prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him of armed robbery on Aug. 15, 2006, and in the plea deal, charges of attempted murder in both the first and second degree, along with felony robbery and various felony gun charges were dropped. THE DEAL: Davis was able to run a few years without an arrest as he cooled his heels in the Anne Arundel County Jail serving 278 days of a nine-year sentence, with the chief amount of the sentence suspended.


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