Crime & Decline in Sin City: Cops seek hoodlums wanted for exchanging gunfire in Lexington Park night-fight and flight – SEE VIDEO OF GUNFIRE

Video: RING.COM and St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department.

CAUTION: Graphic gunfight language uttered by participants

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. – The hoodlums were out for fun with guns, reports St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron, as Lexington Park continues to be the scene of daily crime and often shootings, which are driving business out of the once busy town.

Cameron says that on October 26, 2019, at approximately 4:39 a.m. deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 46500 block of Creeping Primrose Lane in Lexington Park, for the reported shooting complaint. 

The Oct. 26, 2019 shooting took place less than two blocks from the once-bustling Great Mills Road behind the Lexington Park Ford, which is now moving to a new site on Rt. 235 in California, Md. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

CRIME AND DECLINE: Cops on the go in Lexington Park every day.


A preliminary investigation determined a light-colored vehicle with several occupants entered the neighborhood, and another vehicle arrived shortly after the first vehicle. Several occupants in the first vehicle exited the vehicle and fled on foot. 


Two gunshots were exchanged between individuals on the scene, and the parties then fled the area. At this time no injuries have been reported from this incident, says Cameron, meaning that the culprits could have hit anyone in nearby apartments in the Liberty Street / Columbus Drive complex.

Ring – you’re next!
Even with a high incidence of crime, and the sheriff being placated by  “things happen”, there still may be a boon to the local businesses. With the housing units being at capacity, there’s always a need to go out and get something, or someone.
Think of the business opportunities involved in this crime spree. I’m sure that with the empty storefronts, the square footage may be cheap to open up another pawn shop, a title loan company, a Chinese restaurant, a Thai food carryout, a check cashing service, a free cell phone store, a government cheese Outlet, another glorious nail salon, a good “Kutzs” barbershop, a used tire distributor, a Korean Korner Deli, and ammunition shop, an MVA Outlet, a Dollar General Store, a bail bonds Outlet, a Jack and ride parking lot for commuters, a new Hogan’s alley for the FBI to practice in a realistic setting, a great place for the new Bay Bridge, an ACLU office, a Roundup lawsuit lawyer’s office, a legal aid Bureau, the public defender’s office, an Acorn Community organizer office,… and of course a sheriff’s substation for foot patrol.

What’s a little gunfire amongst friends. Notice how calm everybody is? Its just part of routine life.

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