DWI HIT PARADE: Annapolis Barrack DUI arrests thru Nov. 4, 2019

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Gov. Hogan-features-Maryland-State-Police-sign-in-Annapolis upon reopening the Barrack to serve the state capitol area and the busy I-97 and US 301 / 50 corridors.
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Gov. Hogan reopening Annapolis Barrack of Maryland State Police
Anne Colt Leitess, State’s Attorney for Anne Arundel County, Maryland

At the request of Patrick Barnicle, the information posted above has been updated to reflect the outcome in the Anne Arundel County District Court of his DUI arrest: In a plea deal on Nov. 18, 2019, arranged by his attorney Andrew Alpert and the Anne Arundel States Attorney Anne Colt Leitess, the DUI charge was dropped and Barnicle entered a guilty plea to Reckless Driving. THE DEAL: A verdict of Probation Before Judgement was entered in this case with no fine and no time. Barnicle has filed for an Expungement of his DUI arrest in the hopes that the Plea Deal for the DUI charge will be removed from court records. Barnicle stated that he was “acquitted” of the DUI charge, while in fact, he was not acquitted, but instead, he got a plea deal from a prosecutor with a record of passing out plea deals to those who hire pricey lawyers like Andrew Alpert. Maryland prosecutors can and do drop charges at their own discretion without offering or owing any explanation to anyone. Should the court grant an expungement of this arrest, such an order will not affect the historical record in published accounts of his original arrest or the outcome of that arrest.

  • Robinson Barnes bar in Ridge, Md., with St. Mary's Sheriff Detective Cpl Ted Belleavoine and Maryland State Trooper at murder during Valentines Day dance.

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