BALTIMORE CITY POLICE BEAT: cameras show armed suspect John Thomas Fagan attacking the officer and struggling to kill the cop; while he didn’t get the officer’s gun, he did get his bullet


JOHN THOMAS FAGAN attacked the officer and caused the body-worn video to be disabled. The Rite Aide Video shows the scene as the officer approaches the suspect in the vehicle described as being involved in an armed robbery of the Horseshoe Casino on Oct. 9, 2019. Baltimore City Officer Ryan Glass spotted the suspect vehicle, a 2012 Chevy Impala parked in front of the Rite Aide Store located in the 6300 block of York Road in Baltimore.

Brian Nadeau, the deputy commissioner in charge of the Public Integrity Bureau, which oversees officer misconduct investigations.

Brian Nadeau, the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office. Nadeau, 56, worked as a police officer in Maine for ten years before joining the FBI in 1997 where he handled organized crime investigations in New York and became the head of the agency’s public corruption unit at FBI headquarters in Washington in 2008.


“We want the public to see what our officers go thru, this was 9:40 in the morning. Our officers are trained to subdue the suspects. The individual in the driver’s seat lunged at him and the second officer arrived at the scene and observed that the suspect attacked the officer, that is why he leaped to assist the first officer and didn’t activate his body-worn video. Even though the Rite Aid video didn’t cover the entire wrestling on the ground, the video shows the entire scene, both guns were fired by the officers. Three shots were fired total, we found three bullet casings at the scene. We do not believe Fagan’s weapon was fired. The armed suspect had several addresses in the area, Rosedale etc. The vehicle was in the area of the Horse Shoe Casino robbery at the time and was under investigation.”

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