DIRTBAG ROUNDUP: Treasure Trove of Crime Discovered by Montgomery County Police During Traffic Stop of Ex-Con Dayvon Irving

DIRTBAG ROUNDUP: Treasure Trove of Crime Discovered by Montgomery County Police During Traffic Stop of Ex-Con Dayvon Irving

According to the Montgomery County Police, officers from the Montgomery County Department of Police – 4th District Community Action Team have arrested and charged convicted armed robber Dayvon Marquette Irving, 25, (DOB 03/02/1994) of 18705 White Sands Drive in Germantown, Md., with firearm-related offenses, drug-related offenses, and credit card fraud related-offenses following a traffic stop that occurred in Glenmont.

Police report that at approximately 4:56 p.m. on Tuesday, December 17, a 4th District officer conducted a stop of a vehicle for a traffic offense on Glenallen Avenue near Georgia Avenue.   Officers identified Irving as the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle and upon speaking with Irving, immediately detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside his vehicle.

Gun that convicted armed robber Dayvon Irving had in his car.

During a search of Irving’s vehicle, police say that officers located a loaded Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun, suspected marijuana, and a credit card skimming device underneath the driver’s seat.   Police say that the handgun was later determined to have been stolen from Rowan County, North Carolina.   Additionally, officers located fraudulent credit cards inside Irving’s car.


Montgomery County Police report that officers determined that Irving was prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a previous armed robbery conviction.

Irving was arrested by Montgomery County Police Officer C. Jerman and transported to the Central Processing Unit and charged with firearm-related offenses, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and credit card fraud-related offenses.  Irving was held without bond until an appearance before a Judge where a bond was allowed and posted by bail bondsman Theodore Pantazes pending a hearing in Montgomery County District Court on Jan. 17, 2020.  Irving was released from the Montgomery County Jail on Dec. 19, 2019.

Irving was indicted on multiple counts of armed robbery and firearms charges associated with the crime on July 12, 2012, by the Grand Jury of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County.  Irving entered a guilty plea to armed robbery on Dec. 14, 2015, before Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Marielsa A. Bernard in a plea deal arranged by Irving’s attorney Terrence M. McGann, of Rockville, with Montgomery County States Attorney John McCarthy, which allowed the prosecutor to escape having to prove his case and put on a trial. THE DEAL: Twenty years in prison with all but six years suspended and credit for time served of three years, six months and two days followed by five years of probation. 


Court records reveal that another ten years was added to be served concurrently to the first sentence when Irving entered a plea of guilty to use of a firearm in the commission of a violent crime.  Seven other counts of the indictment were dropped by the prosecutor or dismissed.

The Montgomery Co States Attorney John McCarthy WJLA ABC 7 News

Irving was originally sentenced in 2013 but later violated the terms of his probation, likely due to the fact that he is a committed criminal and is passionate about pursuing a life of crime, as evidenced by his latest arrest in 2019.  In spite of being on probation for armed robbery, the Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary allowed Irving to be released on bond on Dec. 19, 2019.

Court records show that a hearing was set for another violation of probation on June 26, 2018, with a date set in court for Sept. 10, 2018, which was postponed to Nov. 5, 2018. At that hearing, the prosecutor withdrew the violation of probation.

On Aug. 30, 2019, Judge Bernard signed a motion that allowed Irving to travel out of the country.  Perhaps, Irving had to travel to Nigeria to pick up some new credit card skimming devices from his late Nigerian Grandmother who left them to him in her estate.

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