DWI HIT PARADE: Government officials take to the roadways impaired; DNR chief Stephen Van Ryswick busted for DUI in Solomon’s; Senior Rides Boss Debbie Barker DUI-Drugs arrest on way to work

DWI HIT PARADE: St. Mary’s County Government Senior Citizen Official busted for DWI and Drugs

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – St. Mary’s Sheriff Deputy Bianca Salas arrested Deborah Dawn Barker, (DOB 12/11/1972), of 30092 Cross Woods Drive, Mechanicsville, Md., on Honest Abe Lincoln’s Birthday, Feb. 12, 2020, at 9:11 am (a workday for St. Mary’s County Government) on drug and DWI charges.  Barker was cruising on Rt. 5 at Sherrie Lane in a 2017 Ford when the Deputy brought her great adventure to a halt just north of Loveville.

Barker posted a bond in order to be released from the St. Mary’s County Jail and declined a public defender, perhaps due to the reality that having a high-powered attorney, competent to negotiate with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz is the best way to avoid jail and perhaps even keep her job. A trial in St. Mary’s District Court has been scheduled for March 13, 2020.

As the Division Manager for the St. Mary’s County Department of Aging, Barker oversees the Senior Rides Program that assists senior citizens with obtaining rides for doctor’s visits, shopping, and other transportation needs. Barker assures that volunteer drivers are provided with supplemental accident insurance, undergo volunteer CPR and First Aid Certification, pass a criminal background check and a Motor Vehicle Administration driving record check, and attend a driver safety court and a special driver orientation class.

Richard Fritz at Golden Beach 4th of July Parade. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
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STEPHEN MATTHEW VAN RYSWICK, (DOB 05/05/1980), of 28085 Old Village Road, Mechanicsville, Md., was cited by Calvert County Sheriff’s Department Deputy H. Wilder with DWI-Alcohol on Jan. 11, 2020 at 12:07 am. 

Van Ryswick was operating a 2018 Ford Fusion on HG Trueman Road at Solomon’s Landing Road in Solomon’s, perhaps after a big night in a Solomon’s night spot or an event at the Holiday Inn, when he was stopped for driving under the influence by Deputy Wilder. 

Van Ryswick is represented by Wheaton attorney Andrew Vladimir Jezic for the pending trial in District Court on March 20, 2020.  Court records show that the home address of Van Ryswick was allowed to be changed to a Post Office Box, whereas MVA rules provide that a street address must be provided except in the case of law enforcement officers.  According to the State of Maryland website, Van Ryswick is the Chief of the Coastal and Environmental Geological Program of the Maryland Geological Survey section of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

STEPHEN MATTHEW VAN RYSWICK, while living at an address on Hampton Road in Leonardtown, was arrested for DWI on Aug. 15, 2015, by Maryland State Trooper Eric Evans as he drove a 2007 Hyundai on Maryland Rt. 4 at Oak Drive in California, Md. Rt. 4 is the express route to Solomon’s Island, the area’s principal location of nightspots and bars and halfway between Solomon’s and the 2015 home of Van Ryswick.  In a plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz, the senior Maryland State Natural Resources official entered a guilty plea to DWI. The daughter of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, Jami Sterling, is a senior prosecutor in the St. Mary’s States Attorney’s Office. THE DEAL: Stephen Van Ryswick was given a verdict of Probation Before Judgement with no time and no fine. The attorney for the 2015 DWI arrest and plea bargain deal with Fritz was former St. Mary’s Assistant States Attorney Robyn Riddle, of Prince Frederick.

Stephen Van Ryswick was cited by Maryland Trooper Jonathan Powis for tailgating another vehicle on Md. Rt. 5 at Rt. 242 in Morganza, Md., at 9:58 am on April 15, 2018 (the same day income taxes are due by taxpayers in order to fund the operations of Federal and State Government and to pay the salaries of Maryland employees.)  On June 15, 2018, St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz dropped the charge with zero fine.

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