MURDER USA: Slaying of Shereese Curbeam by Serial Killer Comes Seven Years After Her Ex-Husband Died Under Mysterious Circumstances in Baltimore Harbor – UPDATE – 2nd victim ID’d by police as Terra Alexander killed by Daniel Clark

MURDER USA: Slaying of Waldorf Woman by Serial Killer Comes Seven Years After Her Ex-Husband Died Under Mysterious Circumstances in Baltimore Harbor

UPDATE: Police confirm the identity of the woman that serial killer Daniel Clark killed in Indianapolis is Terra Alexander, 44, who was found dead in an apartment on Brandywine Court following a ‘tip’ to police that led to the discovery of the body of Clark and his second victim, Reece Curbeam in Waldorf.

By Ken Rossignol


WALDORF, MD. – A woman found murdered in a Waldorf motel was killed by a man who took his own life, say police, the second such double death in a Charles County motel in two weeks. The woman’s ex-husband, who worked at Joint Base Andrews, the home base of Air Force One, was found dead in Baltimore in 2013 in suspicious circumstances after being missing for several days. The immediate result of the woman’s murder is that there now is a broken-hearted ten-year-old girl who has lost both of her parents – likely both in mysterious ways.


The story of how the woman was killed by a man with whom she had a romantic involvement, checking into a hotel room with her boyfriend from Indianapolis, is shrouded in the kind of mystery left unspoken and unrecorded by the only two people who have knowledge of the events of Good Friday, April 10, 2020.

The collective reports from TV, newspaper, and website news outlets in the Washington area and also of those in Indianapolis come strictly from press releases issued by police public information officers in Charles County, Md., and the Indianapolis Police. 

The facts are bare boned, the words are parsed, the information is strikingly sparse.

All of the vaunted news outlets and the local-yokel websites report all the same information and a surprising number of the reports had a “journalist’s” byline added to the top of the report without a scintilla of research, digging for facts or originality. They all competed for one thing – to be first.

Clearly some were “first”, and the others were not.

The body of the victim and the body of the killer at the Hilton in Waldorf were likely loaded in the same undertaker’s van and carted off to the overcrowded Office of the Medical Examiner in Baltimore for autopsies. 

No information is yet available as to the official cause and manner of death as the Medical Examiner’s public information officer said he is busy assisting to screen for coronavirus. A large refrigerated warehouse has been added to house the bodies of the virus victims as the beleaguered morgue, kept busy by Baltimore and Prince George’s Counties daily gunshot victims. The backlog needing to be bisected for information about how the ventilation by gunfire pierced which vital organs and brought about the demise of the victim is staggering and taxing the ability of the staff.

Here is what the police reported – as Sgt. Joe Friday said every week on Dragnet, “nothing but the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” Here are the facts:

Charles County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Diane Richardson, herself a retired cop from Prince George’s County who has investigated and reported on scores of domestic assaults/murders, reports that on April 10, 2020, at 7:40 p.m., officers responded to the Hilton Garden Inn at 10385 O’Donnell Place in Waldorf.

The officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of a man and woman after receiving information from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in Indiana that they had just received a tip indicating one of the occupants of the room may have killed a female acquaintance in the hotel room and then committed suicide.

Police say that the tip to Indianapolis authorities indicated the male had also possibly killed an acquaintance at his residence in Indianapolis earlier in the week.


While Indianapolis police officers followed up on the tip in their jurisdiction, officers from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Team were able to make entry into the hotel room where they discovered Shereese Desire Curbeam, 36, of Waldorf deceased from a gunshot wound.

WISH TV murder scene in Indianapolis

Daniel Clark, 47, (DOB 12/24/1972) of Indianapolis, Indiana, was also found deceased with a gunshot wound. Police say that a gun was recovered from the scene. Authorities in Indianapolis confirmed the discovery of a deceased female, who was known to Clark, inside his apartment.


The first fact that the police have not disclosed, and unless someone other than Daniel Clark committed the murder, there is likely no reason not to reveal who gave the police the tip about the double-murder/suicide. Of course, the tip could have been made anonymously, from a burner phone. One thing is for sure, the tip likely didn’t come from a pay phone. A pay phone would be harder to locate than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Truly, there can only be one person who could have provided that information to the police, and that was the person that Daniel Clark called from the Hilton Hotel and confessed that he had just murdered his two girlfriends, one in Indiana and the other in Maryland and now he was going to kill himself. Perhaps the gunshot could be heard over the phone to the person who called in the “tip” to police. The possibility that someone besides Clark was in the hotel room, killed both Clark and Curbeam, left the gun and fled is a loose end that investigators will have to sort out. That person could be the source of the tip to police.

As the perpetrator of the two murders is now himself waiting on a slab to be autopsied there is little incentive for police to dig much deeper into this crime.

The family and friends of the two women murdered by Clark are the ones who have a deep and gaping hole in their lives and could perhaps find comfort in simply knowing more about the case. Then there is Julia Lena Curbeam. She has a large family to envelope her, but she will always lack living parents.

The parade of homicides in Maryland is not unequaled as large cities and metropolitan areas across the nation see a daily parade of murders overtaking news coverage of opioid overdoses and Fentanyl – another export of Communist China – laced heroin taking lives on a daily basis.

Certainly, the coronavirus, or Wuhan Virus story accounts for so many reporters working feverishly to rush out the story of the hour about the deadly disease.

The Indianapolis Metro Police Department was overwhelmed by the murder of Patrol Officer Breann Leath by Elliahs Dorsey, 27, which occurred on the day prior to that the body of a woman was discovered in the apartment of Daniel Clark on Brandywine Court in Indianapolis. Dorsey was charged with shooting the officer twice in the head as he shot through the door of his apartment.  Officer Leath was among several officers who were responding for one of the most dangerous calls for an officer – that of domestic violence.

A nurse in the apartment building who heard the chaos wanted to rush to the aid of the downed officer as medics were not yet on the scene but was scared of being hit by gunfire.

Andrew Smith, the chief crime reporter of the Indy News Channel told THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY that the line of duty death of Officer Leath, added to the virus outbreak, had dominated the availability of updates on the murder of the woman in Daniel Clark’s apartment. Smith said that even the Coroner’s Office has been behind on reporting involving this murder.

Thus, the identity of the woman Clark killed in Indianapolis before arriving in Waldorf to kill Curbeam, is still unknown. (Now identified as Terra Alexander, 44, of Indianapolis.

Daniel Clark and Shereese Curbeam had been intimately involved and she lived in an apartment building on Promenade Place in Waldorf, Md., with her ten-year-old daughter who attends an elementary school in Waldorf. Curbeam’s sister also lives in Waldorf.



Christina Lewis posted this message about Daniel Clark, along with his photo, on Facebook:

“Daniel Clark was one of a kind. He would always send me bible scriptures every morning. And he would even go over sermons with me. He will be dearly missed.” After a lengthy number of appropriate responses from family and friends of Reece Curbeam, the post was deleted.

According to Indiana court records, Clark didn’t have a single blemish in his background with the exception of one speeding citation in 2010. Police say that Clark was a Captain in the U.S. Army.

Shereese D. Curbeam was granted an uncontested divorce from Evan Lamont Curbeam II, a member of the Air National Guard and resident of the Rosedale, Md., area on March 21, 2011 by Prince George’s Circuit Court Judge Michael R. Pearson.

Tonya Thomas of Baltimore posted this comment on her Facebook page:

“I had to process and get through this weekend. I am still taking it day by day. On Friday, April 10th I lost another piece of my heart, my beautiful daughter Reece Curbeam. This world has definitely lost a gift. She was giving, hardworking, beautiful inside and out. A phenomenal woman, mother, daughter, sister. Keep us in your prayers.

“Another angel has found their wings and has set off on flight. Safe into the arms of God…” Love you always.”

 Evan Curbeam II was mysteriously found dead in the Baltimore harbor off Fells Point the day before Thanksgiving in 2013.  Curbeam disappeared five days earlier and was reported missing when he failed to pick up his daughter the Saturday before the Thanksgiving holiday. While police say that the investigation was still open, friends told reporters that he must have fallen in the harbor while out for a walk.

Evan Curbeam parked his car at this intersection of Eastern and Broadway, and walked down to Fells Point where met with friends at a bar.

The apparent acceptance by the family of someone just falling into the harbor after spending some time with friends at a Fells Point evening spot might have been more believable if such occurrences took place on a daily basis. The Baltimore Sun report on Curbeam’s death appeared eager to accept such an outcome rather than focus on the routine crime that takes place in the tourist area of the City of Baltimore.


Evan Curbeam had been out with friends at the Bond Street Social Bar where he was last seen around 1:30 am; headed to where he parked his car, a black Mazda, three blocks away. Curbeam was splitting off from his friends who had decided to move to another bar before last call while he was calling it a night. Police found Curbeam’s car after he was reported missing by his family, where he left it at Eastern Ave. and Broadway.

The stepfather of Curbeam told WJZ that he believed there was someone who knew the truth about what happened to his son. “I know my son. He’s a very responsible person. He’s regimented,” said David Thomas, the victim’s stepfather.

 Evan Curbeam worked full time at Joint Base Andrews in the munitions section of the 113th Maintenance Squadron and spent two years with the D.C. Air National Guard. Curbeam was selected as Airman of the Year for 2013 at Andrews. Graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology and George Washington University with a Master’s Degree in Science Engineering, Curbeam’s life and plans to meet his daughter the next morning didn’t fit with a person wishing to drown his sorrows by leaping from a pier at Fells Point.

Evan Curbeam died mysteriously in 2013 and his body was found in Baltimore harbor near Fells Point.

The crimes committed randomly by roving thugs in Baltimore were a far more likely explanation of what happened to him.

WBAL reported that on Dec. 30, 2013, another body was found almost exactly where Curbeam’s body was recovered. On Jan. 2, 2014, police recovered the body of a fifty-year-old man floating at a marina in the 500 block of Harborview Drive in Baltimore, not far from where Curbeam and the other body were found.

The Air Force Confirmed Death of Evan Curbeam

 “It is with heavy hearts that we learned today of the loss of one of our own. A1C Evan Curbeam, who went missing Nov. 23, was found dead. He was a friend, patriot and consummate professional. This is a tragic loss. I ask that you keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time,” said Brig. Gen. Marc Sasseville 113th Wing Commander.


A Celebration of Life will be conducted at 12:00 PM, Tuesday, April 21, 2020, at Pope Funeral Home, 5538 Marlboro Pike, Forestville, MD 20747 for close family only. Due to current COVID-19 mandates webcasting of the service will be posted on Pope Funeral Home’s webpage on Shereese’s tribute wall. A viewing will be held from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. PLEASE ADHERE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS.

Interment will immediately follow at Cedar Hill Cemetery, 4111 Pennsylvania Ave., Suitland, MD 20746.

After interment, repass will be for immediate family only.

Her love and memories will forever remain in the hearts of her parents, Audrey S. Peay of District Heights, MD and Charles T. Peay Sr. of Gaithersburg, MD, her daughter, Julia L. Curbeam of Waldorf, MD, her sister, Tia Sanders-Smith of Waldorf, MD, half-sister, Monique Peay of Washington, DC, and her half-brother Charles T. Peay Jr. of Washington, DC.

Flowers can be sent to the funeral home. Also, flowers and cards may be sent ATTN: Tia Sanders-Smith, 2483 Lake Drive #117, Waldorf, MD 20601.

CashApp donations can be sent to $TiaSandersSmith.

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  1. I just wanted to say that THIS is an excellent article and THIS article is what REAL journalism is. I first learned about Shereese Curbeam on I started doing my own research when I learned about Evan Curbeam. I could not figure out how the two were related but thought it was interesting because of the level of tragedy inflicted upon the same family. Anyway, this article has answered most of my questions. I am curious about the other woman in Indianapolis and i am also curious what could have driven an otherwise accomplished and respected man to commit such heinous crimes. Ken Rossignol, please keep up the great work.

    1. I did some research, The other woman goes by the name Terra Alexande on Facebook,
      Beautiful woman also .

    2. Anthony; Thank you for your tip, this information has now been verified by the Police. TERRA ALEXANDER, 44 YEARS OF AGE.
      Thanks for reading.

    3. This article was beautifully written . I was praying all week that someone would connect the last names , dig further and write the story.

  2. Thank you for this article.
    We are trying to piece this together so it makes sense.
    So, Terra, the woman found dead I his apartment was dead weeks BEFORE the murder-suicide?
    The first woman murdered was married.
    Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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