CRIME TIME: Shooting on Louse Alley at Sis’s Hide Away circa 1991

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – In this crime spot report from 1991, St. Mary’s Sheriff’s deputies and Maryland State Troopers responded for a call of a person shot outside or perhaps inside of Sis’s Hide Away on what was historically known as “Louse Alley”.

Louse Alley was the home of two historic black bars – Gateway Lounge and Sis’s Hideaway — both of which are gone and live on only in the memories of those who patronized both entertainment spots for dances and drinks.

  • A Maryland State Trooper works to sort out the facts at shooting scene while onlookers look on. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

The occasional shooting or stabbing, typical for many bars in St. Mary’s County, both black and white bars, provided more drama on Saturday nights long before there was such a thing as Netflix, YouTube, or even the internet.

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