DWI HIT PARADE: DWI arrests by Montgomery County Md. Police for October 2020

JOHN ANTHONY JENKINS, 28, (DOB 09/15/1992) of 3801 26TH AVENUE, Temple Hills, MD, 10/20/2020, DWI was charged on January 8, 2019, by Maryland State Trooper Z. Campbell with DWI while northbound on Md. 650 near the US. Rt. 29 at 1:16 am. (On October 20, 2020, a new address of 11215 Oak Leaf Drive, Apt. 1819, Silver Spring, Md, was listed on court records when arrested for failing to appear in court on June 27, 2019. Court records indicate that Jenkins was in the Montgomery County Jail with Court appearance via prison remote system.

On May 30, 2018, Jenkins was incarcerated on twenty-five charges of human trafficking, assault, and prostitution in Prince Georges County District Court.  On October 15, 2018, all of the charges were dropped by the then-Prince Georges States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks. An earlier arrest on similar charges on February 8, 2018, ended with the same results.

When the Montgomery County Circuit Court Grand Jury indicted Jenkins for armed robbery and violation of the terms of his probation for a previous felony conviction, Jenkins entered a guilty plea before Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Eric M. Johnson on April 21, 2011, and was sentenced to five years in prison. This being the very liberal land of Montgomery County situated in the Peoples Republic of Maryland where dangerous criminals are pampered and coddled at all costs without regard for the general welfare of the citizens – four years and ten months of the sentence was suspended.


On June 6, 2015, John Anthony Jenkins was found guilty of possession of an unregistered gun and taking property without right, and was sentenced to 92 days of time served by Judge Neal E. Kravitz.

HANNAH LORRAINE MATTHEWS, 23, 14100 Block Of furlong way, GERMANTOWN, MD, 10/15/2020, DWI

OSCAR IVAN RAVELO, 37, 12100 Block Of blu hill rd, SILVER SPRING, MD, 10/14/2020, DWI


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