MEDIA CORRUPTION: The tragedy of the once-(mostly) honest press paving the way for more crooked politicians in The Election Scandal of 2020

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There once was a day when men and women of high integrity and values led the Democratic Party: people such as Lyndon Johnson, Jack Kennedy (who’s father refused to pay for more votes than needed in Chicago – saying he wasn’t going to pay for a landslide) George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Bella Abzug, Teddy Kennedy, Mayor Dailey of Chicago, Boss Tweed of New York, Tennessee Gov. Ray Blanton, Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards, Rep. Carroll Hubbard of Kentucky, Rep. Adam Clayton Powell of New York, Rep. James Traficant of Ohio, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, Gov. Huey Long of Louisiana, and Abscam bribe-takers Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers, a Philadelphia Democrat, Sen. Harrison “Pete” Williams (N.J.); Reps. Raymond Lederer (Pa.), Frank Thompson (N.J.) Rep. John Jenrette of S.C.,

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At one point in time recently, there were five former Governors of Illinois, from both political parties, in prison — at the same time — on corruption convictions. A common denominator in the sagas of all of these thieves and cronies was that hard-working reporters dug up stories that led to many of the convictions and honest FBI agents did their jobs instead of taking political stances. We have honest cops and honest reporters to thank for all of the above being held accountable.

The GOP has some doozies for sure; both the men inaugurated as the President and Vice President in 1973 left office in disgrace with Vice President Spiro Agnew gathering bags of cash in his Executive Office Building office just like he did when he was Baltimore County Executive and presumably as Maryland Governor.

President Richard Nixon covered up for his crooked ‘President’s men’ who spied on his political opponent and burglarized the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. Nixon’s crimes were rather small potatoes compared to the Obama-Biden organized attempt to thwart the election of Donald Trump and drive him from office with FBI and CIA corrupt officials leading the crime.

However, in the case of President Donald Trump, the media didn’t act to uncover the Obama-Biden criminal conspiracy in contrast to the work of the Washington Post junior reporter team led by the late Editor Ben Bradlee. Both of those reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward have actively avoided any independent and impartial look at the charges against Trump and instead colluded with the Democrats.

Now, we have little to look forward to as most of the media is in the bag with the crooks. At least when Joe Kennedy and Mayor Dailey stole the election for JFK, most of the press was honest, even if unaware.

Now, most of the press are just bums and willing to excuse massive election fraud. Fear not dear readers; the journalist’s associations will soon hand out their once-vaunted medals, gold cups, and awards pronouncing themselves to be victorious and treasured servants of the public interest when, in fact, they are the enemy of the people.

The Pulitzer Prize is passed around by the media much like a party favorite at a Frat Party and will have very little meaning in the future after these past four years of complicity and corruption. The role of much of the media in the Scandal of the 2020 Election may take years to discover and to learn the scope and breadth of their shocking crimes.


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