Attention Peons and Peasants!

You spend all your time on your knees paying homage to celebrities and your Government Officials, pay your taxes without question and obey all dictates of Health Officials because they tell you not to bother to think and to FOLLOW THE SCIENCE.

Do not question why six states stopped counting votes when Trump was ahead and started counting again when they found enough ballots to change the outcome.

Congratulations, you are now well-trained slaves and pay your masters to tell you what to do and how high to jump, with the assistance of the Big Tech Masters that your elected officials gave permanent immunity from civil actions. But the officials do occasionally summon them to DC and say mean things to them.

Why did other generations bother to leave you a Republic when you voluntarily swoon to fools that become Governors?

Take your Thanksgiving Turkey and find a politician to shove it up his or her rear orifice. Then reclaim your citizenship.

Governor Walz is very popular among life-loving turkeys this year as he tries to shutdown thanksgiving. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2020.

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  • KEVIN J. MCDEVITT can communicate with clients with various technology during Virus Crisis
  • Located on Rt. 5 a half mile from LOVEVILLE Post Office, buy your Roses at Zimmermans, mail your Valentine from Loveville.
  • St. Mary's Commissioners honor retiring county employee Georgia Belleavoine on March 10, 2020 without any regard for social distancing.
  • Social distancing news on March 10, 2020 from Utah to Washington DC but not in St. Mary's County
  • Pelosi and Hoyer on Friday the 13th of March celebrate final deal on Wuhan Virus bill and Hoyer then pointed out no one was following social distancing.
  • Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who is a medical doctor, surrounded himself with officials who may have been positive for Wuhan Virus.
  • No Social Distancing as officials cram into camera shot for Governor Larry Hogan's announcement calling out National Guard, closing schools with 12 cases of Wuhan Virus in Maryland
  • West-Virginia-Governor-Jim-Justice-on-March-23rd-got-it-right-on-social-distancing-announces-16-positive-cases-including-a-nursing-home-staffer.
  • St. Mary's Board of Commissioners THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY cartoon
  • St. Mary's Liquor Board March 12, 2020
  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on March 4, 2020 with officials at briefing on Wuhan Virus when social distancing wasn't cool for them, just for others.
  • Social distancing warriors at the White House

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