OPINION: Light the torches, prepare the pikes, fight to save your Republic

Quarantine is when the state makes the sick stay home.
– Tyranny is when the state makes the healthy stay home or else.
– Stupidity is when one can’t tell the difference.

When you allow a bunch of pin-headed, two-bit politicians and fake journalists to steal your Republic and justify their crime, you should surround the hall of government, chop off the heads of the criminals and parade their heads around on pikes in a style of the French Revolution as a warning to future left-wing politicians not to do such bad acts.

If you don’t take action, they will continue to steal your country and tax the living hell out of you to pay for them and their supporters. They fit the classic definition of Pirates.

The only solution is to send them to the Gibbet.


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Over 70 million Americans voted for Donald Trump.  That was a larger number than his 2016 win. The down-ballot voting brought a Red Tidal Wave, a sure sign of a victory. Not so fast. The corrupt media and equally corrupt political class said that he had lost the election to an aging career politician who has serious ethical problems; shows signs of dementia; had hardly campaigned and when he did, drew crowds numbered in the 20’s as the corrupt media threw softball questions.  Other than his claims, later proven false, that he had a plan to combat the virus, there was no real talk about his policies. Instead, he denied or altered previously stated policies like getting rid of fracking.  Surprisingly, that sold Pennsylvanians. They voted for him. Or did they?

We have the fascinating situation of a Republican candidate losing despite long coattails and a Democrat candidate who had no coattails garnering more votes than any presidential candidate in history

We have the fascinating situation of a Republican candidate losing despite long coattails and a Democrat candidate who had no coattails garnering more votes than any presidential candidate in history.

The corrupt media, corrupt Democrats, including corrupt or brain dead judges, tried to sell the lie that “all is well” and moderate Joe Biden won.

The thinking 70 million-plus Americans smell the stench of a stolen election.  They supported and still support President Trump’s efforts to fight the charade. They are either angry or irate at what has followed.

Trump’s lawyers revealed that the Democrat efforts to change mail-in voting laws proved quite fruitful in terms of garnering, in some areas, votes totaling 200% or 300% of the registered voters. Then there’s the practice of legally required Republican vote-counting observers being prohibited from manning their posts.  There are the usual dead vote and other shenanigans. But most important of all is the vote-counting machines run in the dead of night, with no observers, switching votes from Trump to Biden. There are affidavits, sworn under oath and penalty of prison for lying, reporting these misdeeds. Affidavits are real evidence. More are on the way.

The 70 million-plus have put up with much these past five or so years—for example, no reaction to the sale of 20% of the nation’s uranium.  Then there was the Benghazi parade of lies; the unwarranted FBI investigation of the Trump campaign; the unpunished lies to the FISA Court;  the false accusations of Trump collusion with the Russians; and Tony Bobulinski (remember him?), he gave plenty of information concerning the activities of young Biden … no further action.  More corruption came with the liar – sponsored impeachment of President Trump. And for sheer dereliction of duty, we have the great unasked question … what does China expect to get for the $1.5 billion given to Hunter Biden during his illegal Air Force 2 visit to China with his father, a father who denies knowing anything about the family getting that kind of money?

Instead, the 70 million-plus are treated to the pleas of Republican senators for President Trump to forget the probable stolen election and concede. Ignored is the fact that the election is not politicians playing politics. We are currently dealing with quite possible, well organized criminal behavior. Not politics. Crime.  Unchallenged, the probable illegal activity will reappear in future elections… better organized, more efficient.  A few election cycles like this, and it’s goodbye to the  Great American Republic.

It is more than time for the Republican Party to honor the opinions of its long-suffering supporters.  We know that saying “there is no evidence of election fraud” is, to be kind, wrong.  To look at what has happened and consider it business as usual is insane. It makes one wonder, “what are they trying to hide?” Finally, it is more than time for the Republican Party to assist the president by speaking out against lies, fraud, and illegalities. Republicans must fight for a thorough criminal investigation conducted by trustworthy professionals who have no political ties. If that does not happen, Republicans will get run over by “Progressives” using any means available, legal or not, to change America into another socialist sewer featuring big government trampling on the rights once given to American citizens by God and the Constitution.

Finally, the election system must be completely overhauled. Now.

J.D. Lynch

Major General, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)

Joe Biden appears to be Obama’s 3rd term by the looks of his cabinet choices. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2020.


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