Railroad Crossing, Look Out for the Cars, Can you Spell Dunce without any “Rs”

The Virgniia State Police report that a motorist decided that an oncoming train would just have to wait, as she had the right of way and might have been on the way to pick up a pizza.

As a result of a basic lack of ability to drive a motor vehicle, the motorist crashed through the crossing gates being lower to stop traffic for the freight train. Police report that the flashing lights were blazing the message “Stop” by way of alternating flashing red lights – understood universally that traffic should stop or be destroyed by a fast-moving train consisting of many cars and a big powerful locomotive. Maybe this motorist just didn’t take the driver training course that included stopping at railroad tracks.

The failure to stop for a train took place at Airport Road at Richmond Road and at the train crossing. Police say that traffic was blocked for several hours for police to conduct an investigation. Also, the crash must have been a big attraction for local residents to videotape and photograph in order to remember the day that someone was so incredibly stupid as to try to beat an oncoming CSX train.

The crash took place on December 13, 2020, at approximately 3:30 p.m.,

Police say that a 2020 Toyota minivan operated by Kimberly Allan, attempted to cross the tracks despite train crossing warning lights.

While approaching the track the railroad crossing arm came down on Allan’s vehicle. Allan attempted to reverse her vehicle but was unsuccessful and was struck by the passing train.

No injuries were sustained by the parties involved.

In spite of the best efforts of Kimberly Allan, Virginia is not one of the top ten states to have incidents of railroad crossing collisions.  Here the top 15:

Collisions & Fatalities by State

Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Collisions – Top 15 States

(Based on Preliminary 2019 Federal Railroad Administration Statistics)

According to FRA statistics, 2,216 highway-rail grade crossing collisions occurred in 2019. Approximately 68% of all 2019 highway-rail grade crossing collisions occurred in these states.

11.South Carolina60133
13.North Carolina5355
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