EDITORIAL OPINION: Virus & Vaccine – why worry?

Virus & Vaccine – why worry?

The 4-star general has done his job.  The vaccine has gone out,  the states have gotten it, and it has been distributed to local health departments and hospitals.  So what now, and when do we get it?
Of course, the answer to this is that the “government” has “failed.”  Mo money would solve this.

Local health departments and health officers may have had no idea that there would be a vaccine that they would have to receive and implement a plan to see that people were vaccinated. Their past obligations (and free money) came in the form of cigarette restitution, eat healthy programs, and other mundane feel-good efforts.  Their funds were well spent on advertising, condoms, and trifold brochures.  Covid money could help multiply their efforts in this regard and even lead to the purchase of nice chairs in their waiting rooms.

But wait – the mask enforcers and the restaurant nazis now have to find syringes in their supply closets and read the instructions that go with them.  Sitting back drinking coffee with a fridge full of vaccines means – do your job. 

Having a refrigerator full of liquid gold and people clamoring to be nice to you for a shot is power, maybe they need (already have) badges.  Jed Clampet found power this way as well.

It is rewarding that public figures, health care workers, etc., etc. have gotten very public shots (sans gloves and PPE in many film clips), but most notably is that government officials have gotten their shot and now are virus protected to muddle and make more bad decisions about those “other people” who are making vaccine demands, or who actually need the shot. 

It’s nice to see that teachers and other bureaucrats got their shots – even though teachers and their unions still refuse to go back to school.

It’s nice to see that teachers and other bureaucrats got their shots – even though teachers and their unions still refuse to go back to school.
With schools closed and kids tearing up houses due to “home instruction” Lowes is doing well selling “essential” goods.  Casinos are exempt as well and doing OK.

Parents also have to get away before the neighborhood murder rate goes up; thank goodness health clubs have remained open.  

Even though people are getting mo-mo money for not working and staying at home, stimulus money has worked well for Door Dashing family dinner, or 8 piece nuggets at a drive-through.  Remember – “You gotta play to win” (it’s for the children you know).

So – with ample supplies and younger people who have gotten the shot being at a diminished risk of illness or death (look at the demographic death stats), there is no rush to push the program or have a plan; obstacles equal cash.

As old people die and spike up the measurements, the need to vaccinate more workers and younger people remains the priority – gotta keep those health clubs and casinos open, besides – “I got mine.”

vaccinate the young while the most vulnerable die. 

So, as your high school math teacher would (try to) tell you – this is an inverted fraction; vaccinate the young while the most vulnerable die.  Heaven forbid you are 74 years old in a line for 75 and up. 

Of course the clamor and solutions for all of this rest with the newly vaccinated inept government officials who now toy with their political base (think money and votes) to appease all. 

Don’t forget the dental trade, don’t forget the poor prison inmates (murderers have rights too), and of course the “friends and family” options.  Remember the teachers union as well.  More money as hazard pay may make the schools open again. 

We also can’t discount the need and promoters of the 10 million (+/-) people who are not citizens and generally don’t pay taxes but receive tax benefits.  Heaven forbid I would have to weed my own garden.  Oh yea, don’t forget the old people in nursing homes that don’t or can’t vote.  

As hospitals are in “overload”, listen to the hospital bed stories from those who never thought they would get it.  Great PSAs, and besides it looks good on the news.  Never mind these testimonials do not reflect the no-mask, not a gettin’ vaccine, had a great time at Thanksgiving, and should have seen my Christmas crowd segment.  Not my problem, as we pay more health costs to cover crazy hospital bills and indigents who don’t pay anything.

For years hospitals and health care workers have conducted tabletop exercises and used “essential budgeted funds” to purchase equipment and supplies to stockpile in closets for use in “mass casualties” – think plane crash or bus accidents.  Practice, practice, practice for years.  Plans on the shelf in the red book.  Detailed checklists and protocols.   How it’s done,  and the money to pay those who conduct training and have responsibility for implementing this mass casualty plan.  OK, so when does it begin, and where is all of the stuff we bought over the years in planning for this?  Is the closet bare, or is it just another binder on the shelf?  It’s just polite not to ask.  CEOs like stimulus money too.

So where are we and when do we get our shot?  Well just wait until Gen? gets theirs, the stimulus is in the mail, enhanced unemployment is extended for another 2 years, the old folks die off and leave hard-earned windfalls for the “beneficiaries”, and China comes to the rescue – making vaccines for us on the cheap to save stress on the US Treasury.   Good days to come.  

Just find a line and get in it.  It may be a shot line or an early Black Friday sale.

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