Maryland State Trooper Brad McGuirk. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

DRUG DEALING SWEEPSTAKES: Gregory Fitzgerald just couldn’t get off  the phone while a trooper was behind him, yapping revealed his load of pot

HUNTINGTOWN, MD. — The Maryland State Police report that on January 20, 2021, Senior Trooper Lewis conducted a traffic stop at Rt 4 and Walton Road in Huntingtown for a cell phone violation. Senior Trooper Lewis made contact with the driver, Gregory Daryl Fitzgerald Jr., 27, (DOB 04/18/1983) of 2304 Echoldale Avenue, Baltimore, MD.  The traffic stop led the trooper to recover a large stash of drugs and paraphernalia.

Police say that a probable cause search was conducted and revealed four bags of Marijuana, THC oil, smoking devices, and a scale. The total weight was estimated to be approximately 270 grams of Marijuana. Fitzgerald was placed under arrest for possession with the intent to merchandise Marijuana and transported to the Calvert County Jail.

Since this is the Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary, the rules for the District Court Commissioner allowed that a person of such high respect in the world of pharmaceutical products must be of good character as not require any bond to be posted to ensure that the alleged culprit would appear for trial.

Thus, Fitzgerald was released without having to post any bail. Fitzgerald’s off the books business qualified him to a free attorney, due to the lunacy that prevails in the Peoples Republic of Maryland.  The nice wheels that Fitzgerald was operating when he was stopped by Trooper Lewis are listed as a 2019 Chevy Express.

DRUG MERCHANT: Entrepreneur Thomas Moran starts his pharmacy business from his car

DUNKIRK, MD. – The Maryland State Police report that on January 13, 2021, Senior Trooper Lewis conducted a traffic stop at Rt. 260 and Perrywood Lane in Dunkirk for a speed violation. Senior Trooper Lewis made contact with the driver, Thomas Connor Moran, 18, (DOB 06/06/2002) of 2906 Mount Snow Court, Ellicott City, MD. A probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted which revealed DMA, LSD, Marijuana, Promethazine Hydrochloride, Amphetamine-Dextroamphetamine, Clonazepam, Vyvanse and a digital scale. Moran was placed under arrest for felony possession with the intent to distribute PCP and LSD and transported to the Calvert County Jail.  Moran posted a bond of $5,000 and was released from the hoosegow.  Apparently, Moran doesn’t report his earnings from selling drugs and was deemed eligible to have a free attorney provided by the hapless taxpayers of Maryland.

Salisbury University Police Officer Scott Morengic cited Thomas Connor Moran for possession of less than ten grams of pot on the campus of Salisbury University on November 9, 2020, where it appears Moran may be working his way through college by retailing narcotics.

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